Criminal wave in northern Chile: they found a burned couple and there are already seven deaths since the beginning of the year

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The bodies appeared were found near a burned-out car in the Playa Blanca sector of Iquique

Criminal wave in northern Chile: they found a couple burned and there are already seven deaths since the beginning of the year

By < /p>Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Crime wave in northern Chile: they found a couple burned and there are already seven deaths since the beginning of the year

Burn-out car was found a few meters from the victims

The bodies were found 800 meters from a burnt-out car and a passerby alerted the incident. According to the police, it is a man and a woman.

The event that occurred Monday morning was alerted by a resident of the southern area of ​​Iquique, a city located 1,700 kilometers from Santiago, in the Tarapacá region. The man found the vehicle completely burned, in the Playa Blanca sector, and near there, almost a kilometer away, were the two bodies completely consumed by the fire. After his discovery, he immediately called the police.

According to the first information provided by the police, the victims found at the scene correspond to a woman and a man, until now it is unknown if they have any relationship with each other< /b>.

The Chilean justice, through the Prosecutor's Office, ordered the Homicide Brigade (BH), a specialized unit of the Investigative Police (PDI) to take charge of the investigations to clarify the causes of what is clearly a < b>crime for reckoning. A type of incident that has been repeated in the city in recent days.

Investigations have also been carried out to determine if the vehicle set on fire and the bodies burned inside have some kind of relationship. This is how I inform the Sub-Prefect Mauricio Vallejos, head of the Chilean Civil Police brigade. “We were able to establish that there are two bodies on the site, with obvious traits of having been exposed to fire, they are apparently in sight, we can determine that there is a man and a woman, a team of experts from the Crime Laboratory is working on the site. and detectives from the BH to be able to establish the identity of these people, there is the possibility of fingerprint work,” he said.

For her part, the captain of the Port of Iquique, of the Armed Forces, Alejandra Basai,He gave details about the discovery of the burned bodies. “At approximately 10:00 a.m. we received a call to 137, the maritime emergency number, from a neighbor in the sector, where he had found two charred bodies here in the Playa Blanca sector.” In addition, he added that “Maritime Police patrols were deployed, the sector was reached along with Carabineros personnel and the Prosecutor was called, where the procedure was ordered to the BH of the PDI, together with the Crime Laboratory (Lacrim) and the Legal Medical Service (SML)”.

The Prosecutor in charge of the judicial investigation of the case, Hardy Torres López, warned about the participation of third parties people that “it is a strong hypothesis, there are some indications that eventually there could be participation of third parties.” “There are two people, one female and one male, We are working to determine the characteristics, whether they are adults or minors”. Which leaves evidence of the state in which the bodies were found.

Crime wave in northern Chile: they found a couple burned and there are already seven deaths since the beginning of the year

The car burned for several minutes in an area near Playa Blanca

Regarding the car, the Prosecutor indicated that they are in the process of investigations and analysis. “Indeed, 800 meters from here there is a burned-out car, we presume that it could have some connection with this discovery of the bodies, but it is still being investigated,” he added. Torres also specified that neighbors of the sector are being questionedand the person who found the bodies.

With this fact, and if the motive for the crime is verified, the homicides registered in Iquique rise to seven, in just 16 days of the year in the region from Tarapaca. A statistic that worries the inhabitants of the area and authorities who are witnessing the increase in this type of violent acts.

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During the past weekend, three other crimes were carried out, specifically two in the same city of Iquique, where a man was shot and another was stabbed, as well as another person who died inside the Alto Hospicio prison, in the same region, after being attacked by another inmate with a knife.

The trip of the undersecretary of the interior

Last October, the Undersecretary of the Interior of Chile, Manuel Monsalve moved to the north in what was called a “complex moment in the area.” The plan for his trip was to monitor the entry of illegal immigrants, who have saturated public spaces, as well as learn the details of the entry of the Tren de Aragua criminal group that, they say, has been operating in the Tarapacá region and other northern regions. Monsalve also met with regional authorities and where coordination began to implement new security measures.

According to a report by the Chilean Investigative Police, during the past year 960 homicides were registered, which represents an increase of 32% compared to 2021. This increase, in this type of cases, is due to the greater violence in crimes, the increase in the use of firearms and the increase in confrontations and Account adjustments between criminal gangs dedicated to drug trafficking.

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