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y8 i2 ‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide - The Times Hub

‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide

‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide

Syria stated U.S. air strikes towards Iranian-backed militias within the east of the nation on Friday had been a cowardly act and urged U.S. President Joe Biden to not comply with “the legislation of the jungle.”

An Iraqi militia official near Iran stated the strikes killed one fighter and wounded 4. U.S. officers stated they had been restricted in scope to point out Biden’s administration will act firmly whereas making an attempt to keep away from a giant regional escalation.

Washington and Tehran are searching for most leverage in makes an attempt to avoid wasting Iran’s nuclear deal reached with world powers in 2015 however deserted in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump, after which regional tensions soared and fears of full-scale battle grew.

“Syria condemns within the strongest phrases the cowardly U.S. assault on areas in Deir al-Zor close to the Syrian-Iraqi border,” the Syrian International Ministry stated in an announcement.

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“It (the Biden administration) is meant to stay to worldwide legitimacy, to not the legislation of the jungle as (did) the earlier administration.”

Iranian International Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh condemned the U.S. strikes, calling them “unlawful aggression” and a violation of human rights and worldwide legislation.

The air strikes, early on Friday native time, focused militia websites on the Syrian aspect of the Iraqi-Syrian frontier, the place teams backed by Iran management an essential crossing for weapons, personnel and items.

Western officers and a few Iraqi officers accuse Iranian-backed teams of involvement in lethal rocket assaults on U.S. websites and personnel in Iraq over the past month.

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Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, additionally criticized the U.S. strikes and known as for “unconditional respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.”

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White Home spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated the air strikes in Syria are supposed to ship the message that Biden will act to guard Individuals.

Future U.S. actions within the area will likely be deliberative and can goal to deescalate tensions in Syria, Psaki stated.


The Iraqi militia official near Iran stated the strikes focused positions of the Kataib Hezbollah (KH) paramilitary group alongside the border.

KH later confirmed the demise of one among its fighters and recognized him as Sayyid Rahi Salam Zayid al-Sharifi.

‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide

Iran’s Rouhani urges Biden to return to nuclear deal as Trump leaves workplace

Iran’s Rouhani urges Biden to return to nuclear deal as Trump leaves workplace – Jan 20, 2021

“The American enemy persists in its criminality and kills the protectors of the nation and the honorable folks of the nation, not deterred from shedding harmless blood so long as the wages of homicide are acquired from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates,” a KH assertion stated.

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    ‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide

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Native sources and a medical supply in jap Syria informed Reuters that at the very least 17 folks had been killed, however gave no additional particulars. That toll couldn’t be confirmed.

The Pentagon stated it had preliminary details about casualties, however didn’t present any particulars.

In current assaults, a non-American contractor was killed at a U.S. navy base at Erbil Worldwide Airport in Kurdish-run northern Iraq on Feb. 15 and, within the days that adopted, rockets had been fired at a base internet hosting U.S. forces, and close to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Biden’s determination to strike solely in Syria and never in Iraq offers Iraq’s authorities respiratory room because it investigates the Erbil assault, which additionally wounded Individuals.

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Kataib Hezbollah has denied involvement in current assaults towards U.S. pursuits. Iran denies involvement in assaults on U.S. websites.

A number of assaults, together with the one at Erbil airport, have been claimed by little-known teams which some Iraqi and Western officers say are a entrance for established Iranian-backed teams comparable to Kataib Hezbollah.


U.S. lawmakers from each political events welcomed the strikes however plenty of Democrats questioned the authorized justification below which they had been carried out and the continuation of navy operations within the Center East.

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“I’m very involved that final night time’s strike by U.S. forces in Syria places our nation on the trail of constant the Perpetually Battle as an alternative of ending it,” stated Senator Bernie Sanders, an unbiased who caucuses with Democrats.

‘Cowardly’: Syria condemns U.S airstrikes on Iran-backed targets – Nationwide

Syria accuses U.S. of utilizing sanctions to suffocate Syrians ‘like George Floyd’

Syria accuses U.S. of utilizing sanctions to suffocate Syrians ‘like George Floyd’ – Sep 26, 2020

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated the U.S. strikes completely destroyed 9 services and partially destroyed two services at a border management level utilized by plenty of Iranian-backed militant teams, together with Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada.

A U.S. official, talking on situation of anonymity, stated the choice to hold out the strikes was meant to sign that, whereas the US wished to punish the militias, it didn’t need the scenario to spiral into an even bigger battle.

The Iraqi navy issued an announcement saying it had not exchanged info with the US over the concentrating on of areas in Syria, and that cooperation with the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq was restricted to preventing Islamic State.

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Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, stated Iraq was in a position to assist the US decide who was liable for the current assaults in Iraq, however Baghdad didn’t help within the concentrating on course of in Syria.

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Iraq’s overseas minister will go to Iran on Saturday to debate the regional scenario together with methods to keep away from pressure and escalation, Iraq’s overseas ministry stated late on Friday.

It was not clear how, or whether or not, the U.S. strikes would possibly have an effect on efforts to coax Iran again into negotiations about either side resuming compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal.

(Reporting by John Davison, Amina Ismail, Baghdad newsroom, Maha El Dahan in Beirut, Kinda Makieh in Damascus, Idrees Ali, Phil Stewart and Jarrett Renshaw in Washington, and Thomas Balmforth and Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber in Moscow; Modifying by Timothy Heritage, Mark Heinrich and Daniel Wallis)

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