COVID-19: three new vaccination clinics will open in the Capitale-Nationale

COVID-19: three new vaccination clinics will open in the Capitale-Nationale

The CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale will increase its capacity to vaccinate against COVID-19 by opening soon three new clinics dedicated to this campaign in the sectors of Quebec, Portneuf and Charlevoix.

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Although all the details have not yet been attached, the regional health agency plans to inaugurate the new Quebec vaccination center as early as next week.

According to what it was possible to learn, Wednesday, this new installation is intended to replace the clinic which has been in place for a few weeks at the University Institute in mental health of Quebec (IUSMQ) and which is used to vaccinate staff of health.

The CIUSSS refused to disclose the location that was chosen and the advantage it offers over the IUSMQ. We could find out more on Friday during an official announcement.

Patience on the outskirts of Quebec

In Portneuf and Charlevoix, however, it is less certain that the clinics will open next week. In this regard, the CIUSSS is mainly dependent on the number of doses that will be received.

An unknown number of new vials of Pfizer’s vaccine are expected next week. It is this vaccine that will be offered in future vaccination sites to continue the immunization of healthcare workers, while the Moderna vaccine is transported to CHSLDs.

Once the inoculations are completed in these groups, the clinics could then be opened to other clienteles, according to the priorities established by the government.

Since December 14, 12,667 doses have been administered in the Capitale-Nationale, including nearly 800 still on Tuesday.

Objectives maintained

In the Capitale-Nationale, the goal is still to vaccinate – with the first dose, out of the two that are required – up to 15,000 health workers before the end of the month, as well as all CHSLD residents. , or more than 4,000 people, by the start of next week.

In CHSLDs, half of the target population has already been vaccinated. On Thursday, Moderna’s vaccine will be brought to four CHSLDs in Charlevoix and to the accommodation center located at the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré hospital.

This comes as the transmission of the coronavirus seems to want to stabilize at an average rate of 150 new infections per day in the Capitale-Nationale, which is a slight improvement compared to the contamination peaks reached during the month of December.

There were 147 new cases reported on Wednesday, but with 128 COVID-19 patients still occupying a hospital bed, and five more deaths, the situation remains very fragile.

On the Chaudière-Appalaches side, 130 new cases of coronavirus and one death were reported on Wednesday.

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