Covid-19: Corona Virus remains active in a 30 days old dead-body, says UAE forensic doctors |  Covid-19: Shocking revelation, corona virus in 30-day-old corpse … !!

September 14, 2021 by archyde

Dubai: Dubai forensic doctors with world shocking revelation. They claim to have found the presence of the corona virus in the 30-day-old corpse.

Recently Kovid (Covid-19) The doctors released the shocking information after examining the bodies of two people who had died from the infection. However, current studies show that the virus disappears when people die. That is, the virus cannot survive in an inanimate body. However, in a 30-day-old corpse, the corona virus (Corona Virus) The presence has shocked the world.

They observed two bodies. In the first case it was the body of a man who had drowned at sea. The body was about 30 days old. Kovid was positive when the body, which was found floating in the sea, was examined. The second case was a body kept in a mortuary for 17 days. The presence of the corona virus was also detected.

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According to current research on the corona virus, most viruses become extinct when humans die. Therefore, the researchers warned that this finding was different and that more vigilance was needed.

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