COVID-19 case: let’s give life back to exemplary regions

COVID-19 case: let’s give life back to exemplary regions

Since the start of the pandemic, Quebec has held the sad record for the worst province in the country in terms of the number of cases and the number of deaths linked to COVID-19 in proportion to the population.

Our province has never been dethroned since March. But despite the importance of showing solidarity with the regions most affected, it might be the time to revive those regions which are lucky enough to have very few cases.

Why charge all regions, even those which have no more or almost no new cases? I am thinking, among others, of Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Côte-Nord and Bas-Saint-Laurent. It’s all well and good to make sacrifices, but when you have the impression that you are making war efforts for next to nothing, since the measures applied are still so severe, it undermines morale.

It’s always nice to have a pat on the back. If we could reactivate local businesses and restaurants depending on the epidemiological situation, while maintaining the distancing measures and wearing a mask, at least that would be a gain! Morally and economically, it would be more encouraging, it would be a kind of regional pride. The curfew could be relaxed slowly depending on the situation.

The recognition of the work done and the efforts made is always a great source of motivation. It would also be inspiring for the other regions which are in the process of regaining the upper hand. I am thinking, among others, of Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean, which was the worst region last November and whose balance sheet is now close to that of the regions of Eastern Quebec.

Right now, the government may advocate local buying, it is rather difficult to encourage it for anything other than the essential. For many businesses, it’s just not profitable to stay open just for a few in-store pickups and try to compete with Amazon for deliveries.

Return of the dams

However, it would be important to reduce roadblocks between regions to ensure that the efforts of one are not undermined by travelers from another region in search of a safer place. Only essential trips, for example for delivery trucks and changes in parental custody, would be allowed.

I know, some people will say that the regions most affected at the moment are also making efforts and sacrifices to get by, that it is important to be united to get through this crisis, I admit it, but all of Quebec will gain if certain regions succeed in recovering the slope more quickly, in particular from an economic point of view.

It is also a question of credibility for the government, which requires so much effort. When a child is promised a bicycle if he gets a good report, it must be given to him, otherwise his demotivation could affect his future results. I think the government should reward regions that have worked hard and achieved their goals.

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