COVID-19 | Another game postponed in the NBA

COVID-19 |  Another game postponed in the NBA

The NBA has postponed Wednesday’s game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers due to the Grizzlies’ contact tracing.

The league said the Grizzlies would not have been able to have the required minimum of eight players in uniform due to ongoing contact tracing. The Grizzlies traveled to Portland on Tuesday, after beating the Phoenix Suns on Monday without Jonas Valanciunas, who was subject to NBA health protocols.

This may mean that he was tested for COVID-19 or that he was exposed to someone who tested positive.

He was withdrawn at halftime in the Jan. 8 game against the Brooklyn Nets. However, he played in the next game, on the 11th, against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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