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Court must judge whether London attack was terrorist | London attack: trial of 'accused' /></p>
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<p class=Nathaniel Veltman was found guilty of four counts of premeditated murder and one count of attempted murder .


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Sentencing hearing for Afzaal family murderer resumes in London. Justice Renee Pomerance, of the Superior Court of Ontario, must determine whether the action of Nathaniel Veltman on June 6, 2021, while driving his van, was a terrorist act.

On November 16, Nathaniel Veltman was convicted of the premeditated murders of four family members and attempted murder of the youngest family member, who survived the ram truck attack.

The court has yet to pronounce the murderer's sentence. The Criminal Code provides that a person guilty of premeditated murder serves a life sentence without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

Other conditions could be imposed by Judge Pomerance.

Earlier this month, she heard from nearly 70 relatives of the family about the x27;impact this tragedy had on their lives. The judge must now listen to the lawyers' legal arguments to determine whether or not the murderer's actions constitute terrorism, according to the law.

London attack: trial of the accused

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London attack: trial of the accused

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The scientific and strategic director of the Center for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRLV), Louis Audet Gosselin, argues that if the determination must always be made on a legal level, the nature of the gesture raises no doubt on a social level.

Socially and scientifically, we can clearly say that it is a form of terrorism when there is an ideological motive like this. Unfortunately, the courts in Canada seem to have difficulty proving terrorist motives. This is something that is quite complex.

A quote from Louis Audet Gosselin, scientific and strategic director of the center for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence

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At the ;at the end of the first hearings on this aspect, Nathaniel Veltman's lawyer indicated his line of defense.

We hope to convince the judge that this is not #x27;was not an act of terrorism, but an act based on his mental deficiencies, declared Christopher Hicks on January 5, emphasizing the numerous deficiencies that he had and on the subject of which Dr. Julian Gojer [psychiatrist, Editor's note ] testified.

The lawyer wants to demonstrate that the mental state of the condemned man was such that he could not be convicted. did not intend to intimidate the public, which is an aspect of terrorism prosecution.

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