Court for truboukladchiki “Nord stream-2” change the course

Supply vessels of the organization “Gazprom fleet” serving the pipelaying in the framework of the project “Northern stream-2”, changed the course. This maneuver was executed after the passage through the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic ocean.

Суда для трубокладчиков «Северного потока-2» поменяли курс

Currently, the court “Ivan Sidorenko” and “Ostap Sheremet” sent to the coast of France. Without them, the booms, moored in the German port of Mukran, unable to continue the construction of the strategically important gas pipeline. The court previously left the Mediterranean sea and crossed the Strait of Gibraltar. According to information navigation Internet portals Vesselfinder Marinetraffic and named the boats followed in the French port of Brest. According to the specified route, in close proximity to as of the supply vessels will arrive on 2 July. Vladivostok they left on may 15 and are in the path of 1.5 months. However, they are accompanied by the ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation. Frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” and tug “Professor Nikolai Muru” had the support of the courts of Sri Lanka to the Suez canal.

Access to the Mediterranean sea called support vessels coincided with the passage of the Russian Corvette “Vasily Bykov”, heading to St. Petersburg on the Day of the Navy, which will be held in Russia on July 26. The court included in the “Gazprom fleet” will go to the Baltic sea over 2 thousand miles, in the port of Mukran they will arrive in the first week of July.

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