Court defended HLE

Court defended HLE

Court for defending the OPPL

The 8th Court of Appeal in Lviv for defending the political party "Opposition Platform– for life".

As a reminder of the analyst Rukh Chesno Oleksiy Rogovik, the solution was praised at the meeting on the 20th of the chervnya, and the look was done for close to six years. We found a meeting to help the other ones, which were hindered by the activities of the parties.

"The first part of the meeting began at the end of Thursday, but then they looked to the right and took a decision, they didn’t catch it, they voted for a break until Monday. So is the first party, as it defends itself and takes the fate of looking right. For information from the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, a representative of the Opposition Platform for Life, taking part in the meeting via videoconference, – appointed in CHESNO.

The arguments of the parties, brought to the court, will be only after the decision of the court, the fragments of journalism at the meeting were not admitted. 

Maino OPLE can be handed over to the power of the power, but the decision can be challenged by the court for 20 days before the Supreme Court.

OPLE – tse already 11 party, the activity of which was fenced in court order. At the same time, this is the only parliamentary party with a truly significant representation in the local councils. For life” People's deputies Vadim Rabinovich, Viktor Medvedchuk (under suspicion of being in the state) and Yuriy Boyko. Vaughn was created under the name “All-Ukrainian Association Center”. In an hour, the foundation of the political force changed the name of the two and twice took a part in the parliamentary elections.

The first head of the party, Viktor Golovko, was a member of the political party at once, but did not take away the mandate at the elections of 2019. 

The name of the Opposition Platform for Life is chinna s 2018 fate, if until that time Rabinovich’s party “For Life” was chosen by Rabinovich joining Medvedchuk. Sweaty, having occupied the head of the political office, we have mourned Muraev.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich