Coup in Niger: ECOWAS has drawn up a plan for a “possible military intervention”

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preparation On July 30, ECOWAS gave the putschists seven days to restore order or risk using “force”

Coup in Niger: ECOWAS has drawn up a plan for “possible military intervention”

A few days after the military coup, the situation is still explosive in Niger. — Fatahoulaye Hassane Midou/AP/SIP

ECOWAS is getting organized. The contours of a “possible military intervention” of the Community against the putschists in Niger were “Defined,” this Friday one of the ECOWAS officials, at the outcome of the meeting of the chiefs of staff of the West African bloc in Abuja.

“All elements of a possible intervention have been completed. developed at this meeting, including the resources needed, but also how and when; we will deploy the force,” to the press the commissioner in charge of of Political Affairs and Security, Abdel-Fatau Musah.

ECOWAS ultimatum expires in two days

However “ECOWAS will not tell the putschists when and where; we will strike,” he said, adding that it’s an “operational decision that will be taken by heads of state” of the block. On July 30, the West African bloc, which imposed heavy penalties for Niamey, had given seven days to the putschists to restore the overthrown President Bazoum to his duties; on July 26, under penalty of using “force”.

Two days from the end of the ultimatum, the Community Economy of West African States (ECOWAS) continues to ensure that it favors the diplomatic channel to resolve the crisis in Niger, in particular with the sending of a bequest to Niamey. The military option is the last one on the table, according to her.

“We want diplomacy to work, and we want this message to be clearly conveyed (to the putschists, N.D.L.R.), to knowing that we are giving them every opportunity to reverse what they have done,” the head of ECOWAS. The putschists promised an “immediate response” to “any assault” from an ECOWAS country.