Could not stand the football player of English club broke the quarantine and went to a Barber, despite the ban

Player “Bournemouth” Jordan IBE caught in a scandalous situation and will pay

An unpleasant situation came the English midfielder Jordon IBE. 24-year-old football player, “Bournemouth” violated the rules of the quarantine, despite the ban by the League and club. Although the day before the teams of the championship of England returned to training, many players are still not allowed.

As it turned out, the guy couldn’t withstand his “bushiness” and decided to go to the hairdresser. Both the client and the master was in disguise, but, of course, were quite close to each other, as seen in the photo and what is forbidden. And Jordon’s reason, told to media that was soon noticed by the journalists of the British tabloid The Sun. Ayb also fun added the caption “breaking the rules”.

Не выдержал: футболист английского клуба нарушил карантин и пошел в парикмахерскую, несмотря на запрет

Athletic soon got “the nuts” from his club and he removed the incriminating images from Instagram. The bosses “Bournemouth” modestly stated that it had begun an internal investigation, the results of which will remain confidential. They didn’t even mention the name of AIBA.

Trouble, apparently, is waiting and the Barber, because the rules of quarantine in the UK masters are forbidden to provide their services until at least July.

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