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The cost of living is the 'number one problem' in Saskatchewan, according to Carla Beck | Review of the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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The leader of the official opposition also returned to the Parental Rights Act, adopted by the province with an override provision. (Archive photo)


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The leader of the official opposition NDP in Saskatchewan, Carla Beck, said the cost of living is “the number one problem” for residents of the province, during an end-of-year interview. ;year.

We did a lot of door-to-door canvassing during the by-elections, and people told us how difficult it is for them to buy groceries for their families, says the NDP leader. [Not counting] the number of people who took on extra work just to pay for basic necessities.

According to Ms. Beck, the suspension of the tax on fuel would improve the finances of Saskatchewanians.

We have seen provinces like Manitoba implement this measure, she says. [It] would put more than 300 dollars in the pockets of citizens.

Reports of the year 2023 and outlook for 2024

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Carla Beck is also concerned about the difficulties encountered by the population in accessing health services in the province.

She cites in particular the lack of family doctor in certain cities, problems related to reception in emergency rooms, or even the inability of women in the south of the province to have access to mammograms.

At the same time, health care workers complain of forced overtime, Ms. Beck notes.

The leader of the official opposition also returned to the Parental Rights Act, adopted by the province with an override provision.

This has been a very divisive issue. There is no debate about the fact that it is important for parents to be involved in the education of their children. […] We are completely in favor of it, maintains Carla Beck.

After the emergency session, the Prime Minister did not want to talk about it […] It&#x27 “was incredibly frustrating, given that they also knew, at the outset, the very real impacts that the introduction of this bill […] was going to have on the already vulnerable children in our classrooms , she laments.

According to Carla Beck, the government wanted to divert attention from problems such as those affecting the field of health or the cost of living, by introducing this law.< /p>

Ms. Beck also questions the province's participation in COP28, which was held this month in Dubai.

The government has decided to undertake the most expensive trip a government has ever made to this province and to make this choice alone, she says. We are the only province to have paid nearly a million dollars for a pavilion at COP 28.

[Scott Moe] says he's there to talk about Canada and Saskatchewan's oil and gas industry, but environmental and policy experts say not all of his claims are accurate. p>A quote from Carla Beck, Leader of the Official Opposition of Saskatchewan

Looking ahead to the October 2024 provincial election , Carla Beck says she is enthusiastic about starting the new year and continuing her party's good momentum.

I think the success we had last year, getting three seats [in Parliament], is because we we are focused on building the party, on getting back to basics [or] on what interests people, says Ms. Beck.

We know we have a lot of work ahead of us and we look forward to continuing, concludes Carla Beck.

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