Corsica: Gérald Darmanin on the island to prepare for Macron’s arrival “at the end of September”

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ECLAIREUR Emmanuel Macron must come for the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Corsica, he will then speak on the possible constitutional reform

Corsica  : Gérald Darmanin on the island to prepare for Macron's arrival “end of September”” /></p>
<p> Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, in Ajaccio on September 13, 2023. — <em class=Pascal POCHARD-CASABIANCA

Confirmation came from Gérald Darmanin: Emmanuel Macron will be coming to the Isle of Beauty very soon. Arrival Wednesday for two days in Corsica, the Minister of the Interior declared to local elected officials that he “prepares the trip of the President of the Republic who will come to the end of September ».

Seven months after his last visit, Gérald Darmanin spoke for 30 minutes with the autonomist president of the executive Gilles Simeoni before participating in the event. Ajaccio, at a general assembly of the mayors of the island. Emmanuel Macron must come for the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Corsica and he “will have the opportunity to speak before you, before the Corsicans, on the perhaps provisional conclusions “a year of institutional discussions,” he told them.

Macron's two red lines

At the end of February, when discussions on the institutional future of the island resumed, the arrest for six months, the head of state had repeated Be ready to take on include possible developments in its constitutional reform project, It is the responsibility of Corsican elected officials and the Ministry of the Interior to present a proposal before July 14.

“If’there is institutional evolution, “it’s not for fun”, “it’s because we would collectively consider that without it, we “We cannot improve the lives of the Corsicans,” insisted Gérald Darmanin on Wednesday, specifying that the evolution could go “up to’ the production of the norm, what some call autonomy. But he also recalled the two red lines of the president: “Corsica in the Republic and not two categories of citizens on the national territory but between these two lines, there is an immense possibility” .

Responding to elected officials who wanted to talk about daily life, the minister assured: that what interested him “ next to it of legislative autonomy, a policy which still remains to be resolved. discuss,” “it’s agricultural autonomy, it’s energy autonomy, it’s avoiding sending waste to other countries.” .

« We are living a moment that we know is special, an important and certainly decisive moment», for his part declared: Gilles Simeoni, ensuring that “both’ have made “the essential efforts so that peace, which is precious, is rooted”. He will also have the opportunity to say it again this Thursday morning to the minister. Gérald Darmanin must indeed have breakfast with the mayor of Ajaccio, Stéphane Sbraggia before meeting the autonomist president of the executive at home. 9:30 a.m. for a second interview.