Coronavirus threatens to deprive the revenue half of the resort of Crimea

Коронавирус грозит лишить доходов половину курортного Крыма

Anastasia Lyrchikova, Anton Zverev

MOSCOW, may 21 (Reuters) – Crimea is facing one of the most serious threats since the annexation – of the coronavirus pandemic, and quarantine can be put on the brink of survival, half of the companies and residents due to possible failure of the tourist season, say businessmen.

Power located on the black sea coast of the Peninsula, where the coronavirus has infected 447 people, spring closed all the hotels and resorts until June, has introduced a mandatory two-week quarantine for coming and admitted that the holiday season this year may not happen.

It could hit income residents, more than half of whom depend on tourism, and remind them in 2014, when the season failed because it appeared on the Peninsula in the Russian military.

Polls show that local residents are overwhelmingly still positive about the accession to Russia, but the decline in revenue may affect their attitude to President Vladimir Putin, who now holds a constitutional reform.

“In the Crimea and Sevastopol, of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich love, but when people have nothing to eat, and if the season does not take place, many people impoverished, of course, the level of trust will decrease,” – said Oleg Nikolayev, the Chairman of the Sevastopol branch of the Party of Growth.

In the tourism industry employs 60% of the total working population of the Peninsula, said at the conference, co-chair of the RUIE Board in the southern Federal district and former Ukrainian defense Minister Pavel Lebedev.

“If this season will not be opened, that by 2021 half at least will drown, die, go bankrupt”.

Resort season in the Crimea traditionally lasts for three summer months, allows the Crimean people that rent their homes to tourists to survive the offseason, forms the main income of the hotel business and opens thousands of new jobs in the service sector.

“Literally, three months is the salary of many people for the whole year is obtained. Something else to just do nothing,” said the owner of the guest house in the resort Koktebel on condition of anonymity.

Putin in 2014, promised to transform the region into a prosperous region and return it to the status of “national health resort”. For six years, Russia has poured in Crimea with huge amounts of money building a bridge across the Kerch Strait, new power plants, and continues to support the region money.


The owners of hotels and guest houses closed for quarantine along with all the beaches, I doubt that they will be able to earn this year.

Natalia Kirichenko, the owner of the hostel for 30 persons in Sudak, did not speculate and do delivery of products to survive this year:

“I’m still in March, had accepted a situation that is no season… the Hotel is empty”.

Its a hostel, required attachments, and began to operate normally in the year following the annexation, which prevented a full run a business before.

Kirichenko says that after the events of 2014 have no fear coronavirus crisis, and, when allowed, will open the hotel for renting separate rooms, though not waiting for a flood.

“Me in 2014 was scary, I was very afraid that it could start a war. Many appeared of military equipment, military. Someone said, we are relaxed, we are protected. I was not calm… 2014 for me was extremely difficult in moral terms”.

Peninsula every summer previously took several million tourists from Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring countries, but in 2014, the Crimea is mostly Russian travelers, reporting an annual growth of tourist arrivals.

Now many residents are frightened by the coronavirus and postpone their trip, especially in the Russian regions there are restrictions, and flights cancelled. Only 40% of Russians are planning a summer vacation, of which 22% are prepared to travel to Russia, the study said the Bank’s Opening.

“Even if people go, they will go for such a thin stream at the end of July – in August. This subject I have in 2014 seen. It is not earnings, it will be a hobby,” said Kirichenko.

However, closed because of the coronavirus border and Western sanctions could help the Crimea, if the authorities will lift the restrictions, and the season will be opened.

“Who will have the money, they will go to the Crimea, Krasnodar, in the Caucasus,” said the owner of a small hotel in Feodosia, adding that going “nowhere”.

Located in Yalta, hotel premium Mriya Resort & SPA, pre-evaluated losses in 27% of annual income subject to the open in June, for the summer already booked 90%, most guests moved the rest of the summer and fall, and new orders coming from those who cannot go abroad, said his spokesman.

“The main task of this year’s business just to survive, not to make money, but to survive,” – said the head of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Natalia Istanbul.

The head protects the rights of tourists of the Resort of Crimea Oleksandr Burdonov more optimistic: “the Season will be the question – what. Sea, sun, nature, fruits… Better in the Crimea than to sit there”.

(Editor Dmitry Antonov)

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