Coronavirus: Kim Kardashian shocks with her luxurious trip to Tahiti in the midst of a pandemic

PRIVILEGE Kim Kardashian chartered a private plane in the midst of a pandemic to celebrate her 40th birthday in Tahiti with her relatives

A luxurious trip that arouses indignation! Reality star Kim Kardashian suffered an uproar on social media on Tuesday after charting a private plane in the midst of a pandemic to go and celebrate his 40th birthday in Tahiti with his relatives .

“Before the Covid, I don’t think any of us really appreciated the luxury of being able to travel and be together with family and friends in a safe environment,” she wrote, posting photos of this “trip where we were able to pretend things were normal for a short while ”.

According to the American press, Kim Kardashian among others took her sisters Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall Jenner from Los Angeles to Tahiti aboard a Boeing 777. The guests were joined during their stay by Kim’s husband, the rapper Kanye West .

“I measure how much I have a privileged life”
“We danced, biked, swam near whales, went kayaking, watched a movie on the beach and a lot of other things. I realize that for most people, it is something inaccessible at the moment, so in times like this I measure how much I have a privileged life, ”acknowledges the reality TV star.

The luxurious celebrations, and the publicity that the now forty-something gave them, were not to everyone’s liking, many Internet users deeming them particularly inappropriate and indelicate in these times of health and economic crisis.

“Are you insensitive”?
“Great, people had to say goodbye over the phone to their loved ones who were dying alone in the hospital. But it’s good to post this cool trip on social media while the world is in pain. Full of humility and common sense, really, ”responded a user, quickly attracting 11,000 likes.

“Are you so insensitive that you don’t realize the majority of people don’t want to hear about this during the worst Covid upsurge?” People go to the food bank, not to private islands, ”British rocker Peter Frampton tweeted.

However, that didn’t stop her Instagram travel album from garnering nearly 4 million likes within six hours.

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