Coronavirus in Spain live | García-Page asks to “tighten” the restrictions in Madrid if in 10 or 12 days there are no results

Coronavirus in Spain live | García-Page asks to “tighten” the restrictions in Madrid if in 10 or 12 days there are no results

The capital and the municipalities of the Community most affected by the pandemic are experiencing their first Monday with mobility restrictions

Coronavirus in Spain live | García-Page asks to

First business day with restrictions to stop the coronavirus in Madrid capital and nine other municipalities, waiting for the resources requesting its paralysis to be resolved, including one from Vox with very precautionary measures. There are also three other basic health zones with very similar measures to try to contain the pandemic.

They are the municipalities of Madrid capital, Móstoles, Alcalá de Henares, Fuenlabrada, Leganés, Getafe, Alcorcón, Torrejón de Ardoz, Parla and Alcobendas, where a total of 4,786,948 citizens live. The basic health areas affected are Reyes Católicos (San Sebastián de los Reyes), Humanes and Villa del Prado.

The total number of Covid-19 infections in Spain exceeds 800,000 cases this weekend while the political confrontation continues on how to stop the spread of the pandemic in the most affected communities.

This is the last hour of the coronavirus pandemic, which can also continue at the regional level in Catalonia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 789,932 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR; 32,086 deaths with a positive test on October 2.

  • 240,959 in Madrid (9,473 dead)
  • 142,464 in Catalonia (5,851 dead)
  • 65,340 in Andalusia (1,867 dead)
  • 49,638 in Castilla y León (3,076 dead)
  • 45,426 in the Basque Country (1,894 dead)
  • 44,632 in Castilla-La Mancha (3,211 dead)
  • 41,839 in the Valencian Community (1,613 dead)
  • 37,071 in Aragon (1,411 dead)
  • 21,675 in Galicia (748 dead)
  • 20,152 in Murcia (218 dead)
  • 18,758 in Navarra (578 dead)
  • 14,181 in the Balearic Islands (300 dead)
  • 13,880 in the Canary Islands (236 dead)
  • 11,014 in Extremadura (590 dead)
  • 8,716 in La Rioja (421 dead)
  • 6,888 in Cantabria (235 dead)
  • 5,588 in Asturias (349 dead)
  • 1,069 in Melilla (5 dead)
  • 642 in Ceuta (10 dead)

12.48 Galicia registers another 254 positives in coronavirus

Galicia has registered another 254 positives for Covid-19 with respect to Sunday's day and active cases stand at 4,101 this Monday. The health area of Ourense has registered the highest increase in active cases, with 91 more.

According to the data updated by the Ministry of Health this Monday, active cases of Covid-19 have increased in the areas of Ourense (91 more compared to Sunday), which has 1,037; A Coruña, which has 820 (one more); Lugo, which has 495 (two more) and Ferrol, which stands with 117 (one more).

In contrast, active cases have decreased in the health areas of Vigo, which has 419 (26 less); Pontevedra, which stands with 685 (four less) and Santiago, which registers 528 (two less), reports Europa Press.

12.44 A residence with people with disabilities intervenes to stop the coronavirus

The Ministry of Health and Consumption has ordered this Monday the intervention of the New Residence of the Joan XXIII Board (Mallorca) of care for people with disabilities to stop the contagion of Covid-19 and guarantee adequate attention to users.

As reported by the Ministry in a press release, the decision was made after an outbreak was detected in these facilities that affects 17 of the 19 residents, as well as four of the 23 employees. All are asymptomatic at this time. The Government intervenes in a residence for the disabled in Mallorca after detecting 21 infections

12.41 Murcia adds 387 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours

The Region of Murcia has added a new death from Covid in the last 24 hours, a 91-year-old woman from Totana, bringing the number of deaths registered from this disease in the Community to 222.

The total number of affected in the Region of Murcia since the beginning of the crisis stands at 22,835 cases, of which 21,129 have been accredited by PCR (387 more than the previous day), according to data from the Epidemiology Service corresponding to this Sunday at 11:59 p.m., consulted by Europa Press.

12.32 Andalusia adds 26 hospitalized for Covid in 24 hours

Andalusian hospitals once again exceeded a thousand patients admitted for Covid-19 coronavirus this Monday, October 5, with 1,024, 26 more in 24 hours and 41 less than a week ago, of which 147 are in an intensive care unit ( UCI), nine less than on Sunday and six less than seven days ago.

These data appear in a graph published on social networks by the Junta de Andalucía, consulted by Europa Press, which reflects the daily evolution of hospital admissions for Covid-19 in the autonomous community.

After two days below a thousand, the number of hospitalized in Andalusia this Monday exceeds the thousand barrier by adding 26 after not registering changes on Sunday, falling by 23 on Saturday, by 22 on Friday, by 41 on Thursday and by 19 on Wednesday and go up to 38 on Tuesday and 42 on Monday. The 1,024 hospitalized registered this Monday are 41 less than the 1,065 registered seven days ago.

12.21 In the Canary Islands, more coronavirus infections between 40 to 49 years

The age group from 40 to 49 years is the one that has increased the most in cases of coronavirus in the first week of October in the Canary Islands, going from 2,324 to 2,477, thus experiencing an increase of 153 more positives in these last seven days.

This is clear from the data published by the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government on the positives that occur in different age groups and collected by Europa Press. The second age group that rises is that of people between 30 and 39 years old, which increased by 145 cases, going from 2,329 to 2,395.

Closely followed by the age ranges of people between 50 and 59 years old, with an increase of 132 cases from 1,907 to 2,039, and that of 20 to 29 years, with an increase of 130 more positives in the last seven days to starting the week with 2,425 and ending it with 2,555 cases.

12.16 Catalonia registers 1,413 cases and 14 more deaths in the last 24 hours from coronavirus

Catalonia has registered 172,887 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus -147,207 with a PCR test- up to this Monday, 1,413 more than in the count on Sunday, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has reported through its website.

The total death toll stands at 13,415, 14 more than those registered on Sunday: 8,160 in hospital or social health center, 4,192 in residence, 843 at home and 220 that are not classifiable due to lack of information, Europa Press collects.

Regarding the patients currently admitted, the figure stands at 823, which represents an increase of 39 compared to the last count. A total of 164 patients are admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), two more than in the previous balance.

The rate of risk of reappearance has risen: on Sunday it reached a level of 182.72 and, 24 hours later, it is at 197.56, while the speed of reproduction of the disease (rt) has been at 1.06.

12.02 The mayor of León supports the new restrictions of the city

The mayor of León, José Antonio Diez, defends that the confinement of the city he runs because “is necessary” and asserts that “what must prevail now is prudence and control of the epidemic.” Ten have made these statements after the Ministry of Health announced this morning the confinement of León capital given the alarming increase in cases of coronavirus in the city, which have led it to comply with the criteria established by the Ministry to adopt this type of measurements. Palencia is the other city of this autonomy that is also affected by the new limitations on mobility. The mayor of León sees the confinement “necessary” and asks citizens to “comply with the measures”

11.53 Paris closes bars and restricts universities and restaurants

The bars in Paris will close starting tomorrow Tuesday due to the state of maximum alert caused by the coronavirus pandemic, at the same time that attendance at universities will be cut in half and restrictions will be applied in restaurants, authorities announced today, reports Efe.

The French capital and three surrounding departments were declared on high alert for the expansion of the coronavirus due to the high level of incidence of the pandemic and hospital pressure.

“We are in a new stage. We have to rise to the challenge,” said Paris Police Prefect Didier Lallement at the press conference announcing the new measures, which will last for at least two weeks. . Paris, on high alert for Covid

11.47 Madrid lawyers urge “an understanding” between the central and regional governments due to the serious situation

The Council of Bar Associations of the Community of Madrid, made up of the Bar Associations of Alcalá de Henares (ICAAH) and the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), has made this Monday a call for understanding between the Government of the nation and the regional in favor of the citizens in the face of the serious health, social, economic and political situation, the council has informed in a statement.

For this reason, it has asserted that it is “absolutely urgent an understanding in relation to” the way in which the pandemic that is affecting so severely, in all orders, the Community of Madrid must be faced, “reports Europa Press.

“The citizens of Madrid cannot understand or allow that, when their health, their economy and, in general, their fundamental rights are at stake, politicians engage in absolutely sterile discussions under purely partisan approaches,” he pointed out.

11.42 Almeida says that “we will see” the government's measures in Madrid “

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, asserted this Monday that the “results”, in relation to the number of infections by Covid-19, are “endorsing the measures of the Community of Madrid” and that we will have to see what The results show the restrictions established by the central government.

“The results are endorsing the measures of the Community of Madrid; we will see the government measures the results they produce,” he launched after the inauguration of the South Summit, reports Europa Press. The councilor has emphasized that the measures of the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso “have fallen infected, hospitalizations within a serious situation.”

Although, regarding the effectiveness of the central government measures, he has asked “to wait two weeks, and from there it will be evaluated whether they are proportional.” The Madrid measures reduced the incidence of the virus between 9 and 57% in 31 of the 37 restricted areas

11.30 León and Palencia, confined like Madrid by the increase of the coronavirus

The Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, confirmed this morning at a press conference that from tomorrow the cities of León and Palencia will be confined. The runaway increase in cases registered in recent days has been the trigger for the figures to have finished meeting the criteria for this closure. Both cities will be submitted starting tomorrow similar to those applied in Madrid. Health of Castilla y León confines León and Palencia due to the alarming increase in cases

11.04 Alarm in the United Kingdom for the positive count of coronavirus

A technical failure that meant that some 16,000 cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom were not notified in time has delayed the efforts of the British Government to track the contacts of those people who tested positive, the national media reported this Monday, collected by Efe.

The public health body Public Health England (PHE) pointed out that, specifically, 15,841 cases of Covid-19 between September 25 and October 2 were left out of the updated official figures that the Ministry of Health communicates daily.

These data were then added to the figures corresponding to last Saturday, of 12,872 new positives, and to 22,061 of Sunday.

11.01Page asks to test the effectiveness of measures in Madrid in 10 days

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has asked to wait about 10 or 12 days to analyze whether the mobility restriction measures imposed in the Community of Madrid are successful, and from there to reach conclusions about their effectiveness, considering that if they do not take effect “the only way is to harden them”.

In an interview with Antena 3 collected by Europa Press, García-Page has abounded in any case that the problem is “national”, while he has outlined that the managers who are in charge of the management are, in addition to public officials, “doctors and professionals”, referring to the Health Councilors of the different autonomies.

10.51 The National Court admits to processing the appeal of the CAM against the Government measures

The National Court has admitted to processing the contentious-administrative appeal of the Community of Madrid against the order of the Ministry of Health that includes the new mobility restrictions, according to regional government sources cited by Europa Press.

The National High Court grants a period of ten working days to the State Bar to rule on the precautionary measures, which implies that if it exhausts the period, it could answer on October 20 and the Chamber would then decide.

In its appeal, the Community of Madrid considers that the government order supposes “an attack on the competences” of the regional government that may be “counterproductive” and that “in reality it supposes the application of limitations typical of the state of alarm”.

10.47 -Andalusia asks the Government for a new Covid 2021 fund

The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía and councilor for Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, has demanded this Monday from the central government a new Covid fund for 2021, something that they will formally request at the meeting of the Council for Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF).

In statements to Canal Sur Televisión (CSTV), collected by Europa Press, Marín has defended that this new fund is necessary to face the fall in income that all communities will have due to the situation of paralysis that has occurred.

10.36 Aznar warns of the “very big mistake” speaking of Madrid as a “plagued” city

Former Prime Minister José María Aznar has warned that sending the message that Madrid is a “practically stinking” city, in which “you should neither be living nor stepping on it” is a “very big mistake”, as it is also the feeling of “obsession with political control” of the capital.

Likewise, he has regretted the “attempt to criminalize some people” in Madrid, and has condemned the Pedro Sánchez Government taking refuge in “co-governance” to justify itself.

In a telematic meeting organized by Nueva Economía Forum, picked up by Efe, Aznar lamented that obsession to control Madrid beyond the decision of the citizens, but he has also warned the parties that govern this community -PP and Ciudadanos- that they do have ” a stumble “this can have a” cascade effect “throughout Spain. Aznar: “Spain is a state in constitutional and institutional regression”

10.28 New York announces restrictions for neighborhoods with the highest rates of coronavirus

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has announced selective restrictions for nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens in which they will close shops, educational centers and any non-essential services starting next Wednesday.

The objective is “to rewind in these nine postal codes, rewind and go back to face the problems using the tools we know,” De Blasio explained at a press conference, reports Europa Press. These zones have contagion rates of 3% or higher in the last seven days.

At best, these restrictions will be in effect for 14 days, but schools and businesses, among other sectors, will likely be closed for 28 days.

10.22 Germany adds more than 1,300 cases in the last 24 hours

The new coronavirus pandemic has left 1,382 new cases and five deaths in Germany in the last 24 hours, compared to 2,279 infections and two deaths the previous day, bringing the total to more than 300,000 infected people and 9,534 fatalities, According to the balance published this Monday by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the government agency in charge of the control of infectious diseases, collected by Europa Press.

With regard to recoveries, 263,700 people have managed to overcome Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus, including 1,800 who have been discharged in the last 24 hours.

10.20 China confirms a new twenty imported cases of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health of China has reported this Monday that 20 new cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed from abroad, although the country continues without adding cases of locally transmitted coronavirus, after several consecutive days.

The number of imported Covid-19 cases has risen to 2,921 in China, while the Asian country has registered a total of 85,470 positives in total, Xinhua / EP reports.

Of the latest infections that have arrived in China, ten have been registered in Shanghai, another three in the Sichuan province, as well as two more in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. The same number of cases has occurred in Fujian province, in addition to three others in Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Shaanxi.

10.13 Volunteers to care for 9,000 older people during the pandemic

Jerónima, Rocío and Ramona, with many decades behind them, spent the four months in confinement alone. “It was what he played,” says one of them. Red Cross volunteers warn of the psychological and physical consequences of the pandemic in this group. Alone in the face of the pandemic with 80 years

09.45 The UPV suspends face-to-face classes for 25,000 students after a massive outbreak due to a party

The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) has suspended face-to-face classes for 25,000 students of all undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees that are taught at the Vera campus, in Valencia, which will go online from this Monday. The reason is the high number of positives that the massive tests to which the students of various degrees were subjected after detecting infections at the Galileo Galilei Residence Hall have yielded. The Polytechnic University of Valencia suspends face-to-face classes for 25,000 students after the massive outbreak in a college

09.35 4% more passengers in the Madrid Metro than on Friday

The Madrid Metro registered a total of 107,555 passengers at 08.00 hours today, which represents 4% more passengers, on the first working day with restrictions to stop the coronavirus in Madrid capital and nine other municipalities, compared to the past Friday, according to data from the transport company.

Last Friday, October 2, Metro had 968,645 passengers, 1% more than the previous day.

Those more than 105,000 passengers today represent 48% less than the same Monday of 2019 and 1% more than the Monday of the previous week, that of September 28.

09.27 The Portuguese State Council attended by Von der Leyen is analyzed for coronavirus

The members of the Portuguese Council of State who met last Tuesday in Cascais with the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, including the Portuguese president and the prime minister, António Costa, are being analyzed by Covid after that a participant has tested positive.

Sources from the Presidency of Portugal told Efe that the alert arose at the end of Sunday night, when one of the members of the Council, António Lobo Xavier, informed them that he was infected, following the protocol of the health authorities, that It involves notifying people with whom you had recent contact.

Among them the members of the Council of State, with whom he met on September 29, the last day of the official visit to the country of Von der Leyen, at the time a special guest to the appointment and who has just announced that he is confined by contact with a positive.

That meeting was attended by the country's highest personalities, such as the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Prime Minister, the President of Parliament and several former Portuguese Presidents, such as Jorge Sampaio and Aníbal Cavaco Silva.

09.23 Paris tightens restrictions due to the advance of the coronavirus

Paris and its suburbs will go to the maximum alert zone with new restrictions, which will be revealed this Monday, due to the increase in cases of coronavirus.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the prefect of the police Didier Lallement will specify these “mandatory measures” this morning, which will last 15 days and will affect the capital and its three neighboring departments. Paris, on high alert for Covid, will close its bars and cafes

09.19 The Workers' Front pulls the flags off the Alboraya beach in honor of those killed by covid-19

The more than 50,000 Spanish flags that have appeared this morning covering the beach of La Patacona, in the Valencian town of Alboraya, have been torn off. The action has been claimed through social networks by the militants of the Frente Obrero party, who have ended with this tribute that the National Association of Victims and People Affected by Coronavirus (Anvac) had carried out in honor of those who died from Covid in Spain. The 50,000 Spanish flags are set off for the victims of the Covid on the beach of Valencia

09.12 The president of the EC is confined by the coronavirus

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has reported that she will isolate herself until this Tuesday after attending a meeting with someone who tested positive, Reuters reports from Twitter.

“I have been informed that I participated in a meeting last Tuesday that was attended by a person who tested positive for covid-19 yesterday,” von der Leyen said. “In accordance with current regulations, therefore I will isolate myself until tomorrow morning. I tested negative last Thursday and today I will take the test again.”

09.03 Colds overcome could protect from coronavirus

New research suggests that colds that have been overcome in the past may provide some protection against Covid-19. The study, authored by an infectious disease expert at the University of Rochester Medical Center, also suggests that immunity is likely to last a long time, even a lifetime. Immunity against Covid-19 could last a lifetime according to study

08.59 Euskadi overcomes the 'second wave' of the pandemic

The Basque Country has overcome the so-called 'second wave' of the pandemic, which the former councilor Nekane Murga warned of as the arrival of a “tsunami” of infections that has caused 31,389 positives and 2,468 hospital admissions until September 29. But specialists from the Department of Health calculate that the trend of reducing infections will continue in the coming weeks until it falls below 95 daily infections in mid-November. For now, the good data on the daily evolution continue and in the last 24 hours there have been 318 new positives, which represent 3.8% of the total of the 8,227 tests carried out. Health plans to lower the 95 daily infections of Covid-19 in the Basque Country in the second half of November

08.56 Some 65 million aid to SMEs and Madrid city councils due to covid-19

The Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Giménez, has revealed that the regional government will approve this week two new economic aid to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus, worth 65 million, and aimed at SMEs and municipalities.

It will be within the Governing Council this Wednesday and it will be possible to request them online over the next week, as revealed in an interview on Capital Radio , collected by Europa Press.

08.42 Trump's surprise, hospitalized for coronavirus

US President Donald Trump left the Walter Reed military hospital momentarily to greet the group of supporters who have gathered near the complex by surprise and from the car.

With a mask and windows closed, Trump appeared in one of the armored vehicles of his presidential entourage and greeted the people who have gathered outside the Walter Reed hospital complex, in Bethesda (Maryland), with flags with the name of the president and messages from I support the president, who has been here since Friday night after testing positive for Covid-19. Trump leaves the hospital by surprise to greet his supporters from the car

07.40 Three basic areas with restrictions in addition to the capital and the 10 municipalities

Beyond the ten Madrid municipalities affected by restrictions since Friday, including the capital, from this Monday there will be three basic health zones with very similar measures to try to contain the coronavirus, with the difference that in these places the parks must stay closed.

The entrances and exits in ten municipalities of the Community of Madrid, including the capital, are restricted for at least fourteen days from this Friday at 10.00 p.m., when new limitations were also implemented on capacity and business hours and in hospitality.

These are the municipalities of Madrid capital, Móstoles, Alcalá de Henares, Fuenlabrada, Leganés, Getafe, Alcorcón, Torrejón de Ardoz, Parla and Alcobendas , where a total of 4,786,948 citizens live, all of which are subject to the restrictions proposed by the Ministry of Health, which affect localities with more than 100,000 inhabitants with an incidence of 500 or more cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, 10% positive CRP and an occupancy of patients with covid in the ICU greater than 35%.

On the other hand, the regional government has decided to apply restrictions in basic health areas with less than 100,000 inhabitants but with a high incidence of the virus, which is why it has decided to extend from this Monday and for at least fourteen days the limitations that already existed in Catholic Monarchs (San Sebastián de los Reyes) and Humanes and also apply them in Villa del Prado .

07.35 Travelers leaving Madrid by train fall to levels of the state of alarm

The number of travelers who left Madrid for other cities on medium and long-distance trains registered this Saturday, the first day of restrictions in the Madrid Community, its lowest level since the state of alarm ended, Adif sources have assured Efe .

According to the railway manager, on October 3, 2,837 passengers at the Puerta de Atocha station and 732 in Chamartín were counted in the access controls to the boarding rooms, the lowest figures since the end of the state of alarm, on 21 June.

High-speed trains depart from Puerta de Atocha to the south of Spain (Seville, Córdoba, Malaga, Granada), Levante (Valencia, Alicante) and the northeast (Zaragoza, Barcelona), while from Chamartín conventional trains and high speed to the north and northwest (Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country).

The number of travelers registered in Atocha is 74.7 percent less than the 11,211 that left on August 1 and 45.6 percent less than the 5,220 of September 12

07.27 China adds 50 consecutive days without local infections and detects 20 imported

China added this Sunday 50 consecutive days without registering new infections of COVID-19 at the local level, although it detected 20 cases in travelers from abroad, according to the official part published today by the National Health Commission.

Of these “imported” cases, ten were detected in Shanghai (east); 3, in Sichuan (center); 2, in Inner Mongolia (north); another 2, in Fujian (southeast); one, in Shanxi (center); another, in Jiangsu (east), and the last one in Canton (southeast).

As for the asymptomatic infected, China added 27 new positives in this latest report, all of them also from other countries, which brings the number of infected people who do not have symptoms and who are under medical observation to 369.

2.48 Mexico is close to 80,000 deaths and exceeds 760,000 infections by COVID-19

Mexico reported 208 deaths and 3,712 new infections notified during the last 24 hours, which places the total number of deaths at 79,088 and 761,665 cases confirmed by Covid-19 in the country, the Ministry of Health notified. The day's reports reflected percentage increases of 0.26% in deaths and 0.48% in infections compared to the previous day's figures.

At the press conference of the daily balance on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in this country, the head of Health Promotion of Mexico, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, explained that 2,003,141 people have been studied to this day.

These figures include those with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 or reported suspects, without necessarily having all been tested.

2.25 Maduro wishes Trump recovery and that COVID-19 make him “more humane”

The Chavista leader Nicolás Maduro wished US President Donald Trump a speedy recovery from Covid-19 that he contracted this week and hopes that suffering from this disease will make the tycoon “more humane.”

“We express our human solidarity” with Trump, “we want him to recover his health and his life. Hopefully all this will lead him to be more reflective, more humane (…) to understand the peoples of the world,” Maduro said during an address. televised. The Venezuelan president did not forget to mention that the Republican “underestimated the use of the mask” and the pandemic in general.

2.05 Brazil registers 365 deaths and approaches 5 million cases of COVID-19

Brazil registered 365 deaths and 8,456 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which came close to 147,000 deaths and 5 million infections since the pandemic arrived in the country seven and a half months ago, official sources reported this Sunday . According to the bulletin released by the Ministry of Health, Brazil accumulated 146,352 deaths and 4,915,289 cases of the new coronavirus until Sunday.

With an average of 675 deaths a day in the last 14 days, Brazil will be able to reach the 150,000 death mark from the epidemic next Saturday. And with an average of 26,480 daily infections in the last 14 days, the South American giant will be able to reach 5 million cases next Thursday.

The numbers confirm the South American giant, with its 210 million inhabitants, as one of the global epicenters of the pandemic and as the second country with the most deaths behind the United States and the third with the most cases after the United States and India.

1.40 Colombia reaches 855,052 infections and 26,712 deaths from coronavirus

Colombia reached 855,052 infections and 26,712 deaths from coronavirus this Sunday with 6,905 new cases and 156 deaths, figures similar to those of recent days, which indicates that the country is on an epidemiological plateau after several critical months. According to the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the department of Antioquia had the highest number of infections on this day (2,111) and exceeded the 1,348 reported in Bogotá, the region that accumulates the highest number of positive cases.

There were also high figures in Valle del Cauca (591), Santander (288), Cundinamarca (238), Norte de Santander (232), Cesar (213), Tolima (208) and Huila (204).

1.25 Argentina adds 223 deaths and 7,688 new cases from COVID-19

Argentina added this Sunday, the day of the week in which reported Covid-19 infections tend to decline, 7,688 new cases, so there have already been 798,486 total positives, while 223 deaths were lamented and the deaths are 21,018 until moment. The Ministry of Health also reported that those recovered from the disease who have been discharged are a total of 636,672 people.

The province of Buenos Aires remains the district with the most confirmed cases so far (435,934, of which 2,648 were registered this Sunday), followed by the country's capital, with 129,274 confirmed cases, 533 of them reported this Sunday. The province of Buenos Aires and the city of Buenos Aires went from concentrating more than 90% of new cases in May to having a weight close to 50% due to the strong growth of infections in various parts of the interior of the country.

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