Coronavirus has “devils”: the famous debts of the club increased by 42 percent

Despite the losses, the club does not intend to refuse new purchases

The pandemic coronavirus debts of the English “Manchester United” in the first three months 2020 increased by 127.4 million pounds. The growth was 45 per cent compared to the same period last year, reports the Daily Mail. Earlier we wrote that the coronavirus caused “the devils” to change the name of the club.

It is reported that total debt has reached 429 million pounds, while revenue declined by 19% when compared with last year.

The club will also return to the broadcaster of the English Premier League around 15 million pounds, while England has not yet taken a decision on the continuation or early termination of the season. In Manchester United has announced that it removed its previous forecast for the year 2020, “given the continuing uncertainty over COVID-19 and emerging related economic and financial implications”. It is also noted that the gross amount of the principal debt in US dollars remains unchanged.

Despite the pandemic coronavirus and its implications, the club reported a solid financial base that gives the “Manchester United” to purchase the required players this summer.

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