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N3 Fm Corona infection: can vitamin D really protect? Doubts about studies are being raised - The Times Hub

Corona infection: can vitamin D really protect? Doubts about studies are being raised

Corona infection: can vitamin D really protect?  Doubts about studies are being raised

Experts claim that a vitamin D deficiency can have a negative impact on the course of a corona infection – but there are no serious indications.

    Corona and vitamin D: studies show a link between severe Covid-19History and Vitamin-D– Deficiency – there are no serious documents.
    Corona*: Tips on taking vitamin D supplements are spreading on social media.
    Caution: an overdose of Vitamin D can lead to poisoning and organ damage.

Update from Friday, February 12th, 2021, 5:32 p.m .: Vitamin D strengthens the immune system. For the past few months, scientists and doctors have claimed that a deficiency is actually a Corona infection favor and aggravate the course of the disease. Accordingly, many patients were advised to take vitamin D tablets daily. But be careful: it can quickly become dangerous Overdose come.

A report from daily News According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, recommends a maximum daily amount of 800 iU (international unit) in food supplements. An overdose of vitamin D can have massive side effects, for example nausea, a headache, Cardiac arrhythmias, depressions as well as permanent Organschäden trigger. For claiming that vitamin D against the Corona-Virus protect, there is still no reliable evidence.

 The  Federal Institute for Risk Assessments and the German Nutrition Society point out that the current studies have not yet provided any valuable information.  The refore, one should not rely on the fact that a regular vitamin D intake really comes before one Covid-19 infection protects.

Can Vitamin D Affect Coronavirus Disease Sales?  The  Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has doubts – because: there is no serious evidence of this yet.

© Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

Current study: Vitamin D deficiency affects the course of Corona disease

Update from Monday, January 4th, 2021, 12.45 p.m .: Especially in winter there is a lack of Vitamin D increased for many people because many people are in closed rooms and hardly go outside.

Some studies have already suggested that one Vitamin D deficiency could influence and even worsen the course of the coronavirus. Well it was in a current study from Indonesia examined the course of the disease and the vitamin D status of a total of 780 corona patients.

Corona infection: researchers determine an increased risk of death with vitamin D deficiency

 The  researchers found that a deficiency has a significant impact increased risk of death revealed. As the German Press Agency (dpa) reported that the risk of a fatal outcome was 19 times higher than normal vitamin D levels. Health expert of the SPD, Karl Lauterbach, these results come as little surprise – he has already stated Twitterthat a vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system and the course of the disease Covid-19 is negatively influenced.

Vitamin D can affect coronavirus disease sales: Current studies show that a deficiency can have a negative impact on corona infection and even increase the risk of death. (Symbol image)

© Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

In another study 212 corona infected people were divided into groups based on the severity of the disease (mild, average, severe and critical) and the Vitamin D levels examined more closely.  The  result of this study shows: the lower the vitamin D value, the more severe the disease. With this finding it could finally be confirmed that vitamin D has a significant influence on the Course of Covid 19 disease hat.

Vitamin D deficiency can promote severe corona disease

Update from Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 3:19 p.m .: Helps Vitamin D versus Corona? Some studies suggest that vitamin D deficiency is severe Covid-19 history could favor. According to the Robert Koch Institute, older people, especially those who live in nursing homes, are at risk for a vitamin D deficiency. Among other things because they are immobile, chronically ill or in need of care. But the self-production of vitamin D also decreases with increasing age.

Large amounts of Vitamin D to take to stand against Corona Protecting, however, is not advisable, because an excessive intake of vitamin D can lead to a poisoning come.  The  reason: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and can be stored in fat and muscle tissue. If the dose of vitamin D is too high, an increased “calcium level (hypercalcemia) occurs in the body, which can acutely lead to nausea, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, vomiting or, in severe cases, kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmias, unconsciousness and death”, according to the RKI.

A poisoning According to the RKI, this is only possible through high-dose medication, a high consumption of fortified foods or a combination of the variants. Who wants to know if he’s at one Vitamin D deficiency can find out by doing a blood test at the doctor’s. A corona study shows that many sick people only have an inconspicuous complaint.

Does vitamin D protect against a severe corona course?

Update from Tuesday, November 17th, 2020, 1:04 p.m .: How much does a lack of Vitamin D the course of a Corona disease? Scientists still disagree. Several Studies suggest that many patients with severe Covid-19 illnesses also suffered from vitamin D deficiency.

 The  British government is apparently convinced of these studies. As reported by the British newspaper  The  Guardian, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government apparently wants to recommend the use of dietary supplements. Risk groups should also receive free vitamin supplements. This is already the case in Scotland.

Is that also for Germany an option? Many Germans suffer from a deficiency in the so-called “sun vitamin”. According to studies by Robert Koch Institute “30.2% of adults are insufficiently supplied with vitamin D. 38.4% of adults achieve adequate care. ” The  study is from 2016 and was published in the“ Journal of Health Monitoring ”.

Corona and vitamin D: researchers discover possible connections

Update from Wednesday, November 4th, 2020, 11.00 a.m .: Vitamin D tablets against Corona? Studies show an alleged link between severe and even fatal courses Covid-19-Disease and a lack of Vitamin D. But does this really lead to the conclusion that vitamin D deficiency is a cause of such a dire course of the disease? Or is it just a Symptom?

A recent study from Spain shows that around 80 percent of Covid 19 patients treated in hospital also suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. It remains unclear, however, whether the vitamin D deficiency is the cause of the more severe Covid course, whether it favors it or whether the deficiency only arose as a result of the infection with the coronavirus.  The  study was published in the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism”.

Do vitamin D supplements help against corona disease?

 The  assumption that ingesting Vitamin-D-Preparations against that Coronavirus could help, has been circulating since the outbreak of the pandemic – in WhatsApp chain letters and other social networks. Not what should be classified as a reliable source.

Vitamin D
Those: Up to 90 percent of the vitamin D required is produced by sunlight)
Symptoms of deficiency: Bone pain, decrease in bone density, disruption of calcium and phosphate metabolism, higher likelihood of depression, respiratory infections
Important for: Bones, immune system
nutrition Around 10 to 20 percent can be taken in through diet: fatty sea fish, certain offal, edible mushrooms, eggs

 The  German Health Portal, a startup that promises to make the latest scientific findings accessible in understandable language, has reported on such a study.  The  original title is: “Association of Vitamin D Status and Other Clinical Characteristics With Covid-19 Test Results”. In the study was a Vitamin-D– Deficiency with a higher risk of one Covid-19Disease associated.

New study on corona and vitamin D deficiency

Hans K. Biesalski from the University of Hohenheim and his team compared 30 studies and found a possible link between a lack of vitamin D and a severe course of Covid-19 *. As a result, the risk is heavy on that Coronavirus to get sick, higher for people with low vitamin D levels than for people with normal levels.

But right here is the pitfall, because such a connection does not mean that Vitamin D deficiency a cause of serious Covid-19-History is. Because many underlying diseases are associated with a deficiency in vitamin D and older people also increasingly show such a deficiency. Both belong to the risk groups Corona.

Corona and vitamin D deficiency: Older people particularly often suffer from vitamin D deficiency

 The  “Robert Koch Institute” lists the following groups as risk groups for a vitamin D deficiency:

    People who are rarely outdoors because they are not mobile, chronically ill or in need of care.
     The se include: old people, especially if they live in nursing homes.
    Overall, older people are at risk because the self-production of vitamin D declines with age.
    People who have chronic gastrointestinal, liver or kidney disease.
    People who take certain medications (for example: anti-epileptic drugs, cytostatics).

Hence is Vitamin D deficiency a symptom and side effect of the underlying vulnerability, but not a cause of a particularly severe course of Covid-19. Because people with vitamin D deficiency are often in the risk group for infectious diseases. This means that tips on swallowing vitamin D supplements in order not to contract Covid-19 are negligent.  The  source for this is a report by SWR3.

Vitamin D: important for the immune system and health – and possibly with a corona infection

Nevertheless, Vitamin D is important for health and the immune system. Dem Robert Koch Institute According to that, the formation of vitamin D is only possible from March to October, i.e. in the light months. In order to counteract a lack of vitamin D all year round, the RKI recommends “to take precautions” for the winter months, because the body can not only meet the acute need, but also build up reserves for the winter months.

According to the RKI, you should expose your face, hands and arms to the sun two to three times a week between March and October, uncovered and without sun protection. Half the time in which sunburn could otherwise occur is sufficient. Because if you stay in the sun for a long time, sun protection must be guaranteed.

Corona and vitamin D: study apparently shows connection

According to the RKI, another possibility – if a healthy vitamin D level is not given through self-production or diet – is dietary supplements. According to the RKI, this restriction is essential because too high a vitamin D intake can lead to an overdose – poisoning that can lead to nausea, vomiting, but also serious consequences such as kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmias, unconsciousness or even death.

So far, it has been said that pregnant women do not belong to the corona risk group *. Wrong assumption? Long-term consequences for babies are now feared. (Katharina Ahnefeld, Alina Schröder and Diana Rissmann) * hna.de and merkur.de are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

Headline list image: © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

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