Corona: Digital vaccination certificate now valid throughout the EU – what you need to know now |  Life & Knowledge

Corona: Digital vaccination certificate now valid throughout the EU – what you need to know now | Life & Knowledge

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Corona: Digital vaccination certificate now valid throughout the EU – what you need to know now |  Life & Knowledge

The digital vaccination certificate for the corona vaccination is now valid throughout the EU!

From July 1, vacationers and travelers within the EU can also identify themselves as vaccinated by smartphone and QR code instead of the yellow vaccination booklet. The technical prerequisites for the data comparison have been created in the past few weeks, and the non-EU countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland now accept the digital vaccination certificate.

BILD answers the most important questions.

What is a digital certificate?

As a digital counterpart to the yellow vaccination card booklet, the digital certificate stores when and with which vaccine the vaccination was carried out. With an entry in an EU vaccination database that was created especially for this purpose, the certificate is much more forgery-proof than stickers and stamps in the analog vaccination pass.

The digital certificates are the digital counterpart to the stickers that are stuck in the yellow vaccination pass

Foto: Martin Eisenlauer

Where can I get my certificate?

Anyone who has been vaccinated in a vaccination center will either receive the certificate with the vaccination or it will be sent to them by post within two weeks.

Anyone else who has already been vaccinated and has not yet received an EU certificate can have their vaccination certified at a pharmacy or a doctor. To do this, they need a valid ID and proof of vaccination.

Until mid-July, however, the doctors are only connected to the certification bank via a cumbersome emergency solution. Therefore, patients should have their vaccination checked in pharmacies.

Pharmacies that certify your vaccination can be found at So far, around two thirds of the 19,000 or so pharmacies in Germany have offered this service.

What does the certificate look like?

It is a document on which, among other things, a QR code, the name of the person vaccinated, the time of vaccination and the active substance are printed. Important: In the pharmacies, each vaccination is actually certified individually. In order to be able to prove full vaccination protection in one app, you need two certificates for most vaccines.

The certificate can be folded twice and is then itself a small vaccination certificate with the EU symbol and the QR code.

The EU certificate also states with which vaccine the vaccination was carried out

Photo: Christoph Reichwein (crei)

Does the certificate cost money?

The certificate is free of charge for patients. For the taxpayer, the subsequent certification of around 20 million vaccinations is now an expensive pleasure. The pharmacists charge the taxpayer 18 euros per certificate. Doctors get far less money for the process. Depending on the reporting method used, two or six euros per certificate are incurred.

Which apps can save the certificate?

Currently it is CovPass and the Corona Warning App (CWA). But other apps will also follow. For example, the developers of the Luca app have already announced that their app can be used as a digital vaccination pass after one of the upcoming updates.

By the way: The digital certificate can be saved in any number of apps.

Do the apps collect data?

No. The CovPass app actually only saves the vaccination information. The Corona warning app also helps with contact tracking. However, no personal information is collected here either, and all data is strictly anonymized.

Where do I need the digital certificate?

Everywhere where you have proven your vaccination status with the yellow booklet. The apps are therefore also considered a replacement for a negative corona rapid test.

Is the certificate also valid without an app?

Yes. If you like, you can also carry the certificate with you or save it as a photo. The apps are only intended to make handling the document easier, for example by quickly displaying the vaccination status and clearly displaying the QR code.

In everyday life, however, there can be delays if you do not use the apps. Because they create a QR code that quickly and conveniently shows that you are fully vaccinated. Those who carry both individual certificates with them run the risk that it sometimes takes a little longer before they can prove their vaccination status.

Another disadvantage: In addition to your name and date of birth, the certificate also states when and with which vaccine you were vaccinated. In addition to name and date of birth, the apps only show that you have an effective vaccination protection.

Health Minister Jens Spahn at the presentation of the digital EU certificate. The new app certificates are not a replacement, but only an extension and relief for the yellow vaccination certificate

Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa

Are the apps sufficient as a vaccination certificate?

As with the yellow vaccination card booklet, the following also applies to proof of vaccination via the app: You must carry a currently valid ID with a photo with you in order to be able to prove that it is also your vaccination, the certificate of which was saved in the app.

Where is the digital proof accepted?

Everywhere where you previously had to show your vaccination certificate, for example in order not to have to prove a negative corona rapid test.

The EU certificate is valid Europe-wide, but is probably also recognized outside the EU as proof of vaccination. To be on the safe side, travelers should still pack their yellow vaccination certificate when they leave the country.

Does everyone have to have their vaccination certified now?

No. The yellow vaccination certificate remains valid as before. The apps are only intended to facilitate the handling of the vaccination certificate. If you still want to carry the yellow booklet around with you, you are welcome to do so.

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