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Av oN Corona current: Spahn promises quick tests for everyone – politics - The Times Hub

Corona current: Spahn promises quick tests for everyone – politics

Corona current: Spahn promises quick tests for everyone – politics

 The  use of corona rapid tests is to be expanded further from March 1st.

 The  tests are now available in sufficient numbers, tweeted Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn. “

 The refore, all citizens should be able to be tested free of charge by trained staff with rapid antigen tests”, Spahn had previously said in an interview with the editorial network Germany. Accordingly, local authorities should be able to commission test centers or pharmacies with such offers, and the federal government should assume the costs.

 The  plans are also intended to pave the way for the use of lay self-tests, which are currently being examined for approval that is expected in the near future. It is under discussion to hand them over for a “small contribution” of one euro. “

 The se tests can contribute to a safe everyday life, especially in schools and daycare centers,” said Spahn.

 The y would be “checked and approved as quickly as possible”.

 The  federal government had already expanded the use of corona rapid tests in several steps.

 The y can already be used in nursing homes, clinics and, after infection, in schools – but for the time being with trained staff.

 The  samples do not need to be sent to the laboratory for analysis. However, antigen tests are not considered to be as accurate as other PCR tests. According to the Robert Koch Institute, a positive result of a rapid test must therefore be confirmed with a PCR test.

Stiko-Chef: No reason for early vaccinations for teachers

 The  head of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, sees no reason to preferentially vaccinate teachers. “

 The  Stiko has based its recommendation on the evaluation of international data and also the registration data from Germany. This means that there is no need to deviate from the recommendation to give preference to teachers,” Mertens told the newspaper Rheinische Post.

Teachers of the appropriate age and those with special previous illnesses would be prioritized on this basis. “

 The  Stiko recommendations are recommendations, and the political decision-makers can and may deviate from this recommendation.”

RKI reports more new infections than a week ago

 The  Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has registered 3856 new infections. That is around 480 cases more than on Tuesday a week ago. At that time, about 600 cases of infection from North Rhine-Westphalia were missing, which were only included in the statistics the next day.

 The  seven-day incidence remains at 59.

 The  value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected with the corona virus in the past seven days.

 The  goal of the federal and state governments is a value of 50 in order to relieve the health system, from a permanent value of less than 35 they have promised further lockdown openings. According to the RKI, 528 other people died in connection with the virus. This increased the number of deaths within 24 hours to 65,604. In total, more than 2.342 million infections have been confirmed in Germany so far.

Laschet: We have to weigh damage in society more closely

 The  new CDU boss Armin Laschet has spoken out against patronizing citizens in the fight against the corona pandemic. “I still think the popular attitude is to forbid everything, to be strict, to treat citizens like underage children,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister on Monday evening at the digital New Years reception of the Baden-Württemberg state association of the CDU Economic Council. But that won’t last forever, said Laschet. You have to take the virus and its mutations seriously. But you have to come back to a balancing position. Children who do not go to school or daycare for months may suffer lifelong damage.

Laschet warned against too one-sided focus on the incidence value. “You can’t keep inventing new limits to prevent life from happening again,” he said. “We cannot measure our whole life just by incidence values.” You have to keep an eye on all the other damage to society and the economy as well as the incidence figures.

 The  heads of state government and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had recently agreed to extend the lockdown to March 7th. Should the so-called seven-day incidence – i.e. new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week – steadily fall below 35, the restrictions should be gradually relaxed by the federal states – initially for retailers, museums and galleries as well as companies with body-related services.

In addition, Laschet defied Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and warned of the negative effects on the German economy from border closings. We are currently experiencing that supply chains, especially for the German automotive industry, are being jeopardized again, he says. “We have to be extremely careful that we do not destroy the entire supply chain processes in the internal market with ‘replacement measures’.” Closing the border would cause huge damage, and the problems could already be seen at the Czech border. “We have to be careful not to make the same mistake again,” he added, referring to spring 2020.

Federal government does not rule out Easter leave

Unlike Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), the federal government does not yet want to make any predictions about possible restrictions during the Easter holidays.

 The  current situation is developing positively, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin, referring to the falling number of infections, less intensive care Covid-19 patients and the decrease in deaths. Still, the mutants posed a real threat.

 The re is therefore much to be said in favor of waiting for the coming weeks and then assessing which easing is possible at what point in time. Seibert also emphasized: “

 The  federal government as a whole is working to ensure that Easter 2021 will be a different festival from Easter 2020.”

Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer had already ruled out Easter holidays in Germany and restaurant visits during the Easter holidays. “Unfortunately there can be no Easter holiday in Germany this year,” he says Picture on sunday. “Too much mobility, for example through travel and tourism in April, is poison. We would destroy everything that we have achieved since mid-December.” He announced that restaurants and hotels in Saxony should remain closed over Easter.

Reul was the first NRW minister to test positive for Corona

Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) was the first minister of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government to test positive for the corona virus in a rapid test. “

 The  minister is doing well under the circumstances, he runs the official business from home,” said a ministry spokeswoman.

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