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COP28: President Sultan Al Jaber in embarrassment | COP28: climate summit in Dubai

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Nov27,2023

COP28: the pre ;resident Sultan Al Jaber in embarrassment | COP28: climate summit in Dubai

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The president-designate of COP28 on climate, Mr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, is also the president of a fuel company. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

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The president of the COP28 on climate, Sultan Al Jaber, who is also the boss of an oil company, wanted to use his role at the COP to conclude deals in fossil fuels, the BBC said on Monday.

A spokesperson for COP28, which takes place from Thursday until December 12 in Dubai, replied that the documents discussed in the BBC article are inaccurate and were not used by COP28 in meetings.

It is extremely disappointing that the BBC is using unverified material, the spokesperson added.

The BBC investigation is based on documents collected by journalists from the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR).

The documents, which this center claims to have verified as authentic, were obtained via a whistleblower who remained anonymous for fear of reprisals, specifies the CCR.

COP28: Climate Summit in Dubai

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COP28: climate summit in Dubai

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This is a 150-page compilation of briefings prepared by the COP28 team for meetings with Sultan Al Jaber between July and October 2023.

The revealed documents, the BBC claims, were prepared by the Emirates COP28 team for meetings with at least 27 foreign governments ahead of the summit.

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A person walks past a #COP28 sign during the Changemaker Majlis, a one-day think tank for business leaders focused on on climate action, in Abu Dhabi.

They include talking points, such as one for China that Adnoc, an oil company owned by Sultan Al Jaber, wants to jointly evaluate international opportunities in liquefied natural gas in Mozambique, Canada and Australia.

According to the BBC, the UAE team did not contest the use of meetings COP28 for business discussions and argued that private meetings are private.

According to the CCR and the BBC, more than a dozen countries contacted by the two organizations did not respond, with several contesting trade talks with Sultan Al Jaber, despite talking points appearing in prepared briefings before the meetings, and five others said no meetings took place.

Kaisa Kosonen, policy coordinator at Greenpeace International, said the summit should focus on moving forward on climate solutions in an impartial manner, not backroom markets that fuel the crisis.

This is exactly the kind of conflict of interest we feared when the CEO of an oil company was appointed to this position.

A quote from Kaisa Kosonen, policy coordinator at Greenpeace International

The choice of the boss of the Emirati oil company Adnoc to chair COP28 had already been strongly criticized by environmental defenders.

If these accusations are true, it is totally unacceptable and a real scandal, responded Greenpeace in a press release, three days before the opening of the UN climate conference.< /p>

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