COP27: Ministry of Environment highlights donation of 25 million dollars to save the Colombian Amazon

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According to Susana Muhamad, head of this portfolio, the commitment of Norway and the United Kingdom with Colombia for the benefit of the conservation of the Amazon forest was reaffirmed by the speech that President Gustavo Petro has had on this subject

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COP27: Environment Ministry highlights donation of 25 million dollars to save the Colombian Amazon

In the image, Environment Minister Susana Muhammad. PHOTO: Ministry of Environment

In the framework of the COP27 that takes place in Egypt, Colombia received an important announcement related to the environmental recovery of the Amazon rainforest and it was the investment of 25 million dollars that it will do together with the United Kingdom, Germany and the Kingdom of Norway to configure the containment plan that will stop deforestation in that region.

According to the portfolio led by Susana Muhamad, these resources stem from theJoint Declaration of Intent signed by the three countries to stop the indiscriminate felling of trees in the Colombian part of the Amazon. In addition to that, the minister met this Sunday, November 7, with the UK Minister of State, Lord Zac Goldsmith. Likewise, both presented the plans that each region has to protect the ecosystems and moors of Colombia.

Regarding this meeting and the agreement reached with Norway, Muhamad stressed that the fund for the recovery of the Amazon rainforest will not only be sustained with the 25 million dollars, but also with the resources obtained from the tax to carbon stipulated in the tax reform approved by Congressa few days ago.

In fact, President Gustavo Petro hopes that 600 billion pesos will be collected next year in order to, among other things, pay peasant families from six departments for preserving the flora and fauna of this region. Colombian region.

According to the head of state, the families that would receive this payment for protecting the Amazon would be from Putumayo, Amazonas, Caquetá, Vaupés and that of Vichada, from Guainía. He proposed to pay “Two, three million pesos a monthso as not to touch the jungle, and where the paddock is already, let the jungle grow; in that million hectares that have already evaporated; to recover the natural frontier of the forest, to live from it”.

Thus, Muhammad stated from Egypt that “we will continue to feed that fund to be able to make this social pact with the Amazonian communities, peasants, indigenous people, the black communities of the Pacific, the peasants of the páramos to fully restore our country, which is one of our main climate commitments”. In addition, he highlighted not only the disbursement of that money, but also the political support of Norway and the United Kingdom.

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It is worth mentioning that this agreement reached with these European nations has been in force for seven years, according to the minister; however, by 2022 the commitment with Colombia to protect the Amazon is maintained, to a large extent, due to the priority that the Petro government has in the preservation of ecosystems; topic that he also mentioned in his speech at COP27, but rather at the United Nations General Assembly.

In this sense, President Petro presented a ' Decalogue to face the climate crisis' of 10 points that encompass the rethinking of capital accumulation, “devalue the economy of hydrocarbons and value the branches of the decarbonized economy.” In turn, he stated that climate change must be fought by minimizing both internal conflicts and conflicts between countries.

Science has spoken: the climate crisis is the the main problem of humanity, it can end —and has that potential— life on the planet and the existence of the human species” stated Petro, who was sharp when also saying that the political leadership from COP1 to the edition current has been a failure.