COP27: Gustavo Petro did not get to the official photo of all the world leaders and this is what he replied

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The Colombian president downplayed the matter with a short but telling response

COP27: Gustavo Petro did not get to the official photo of all the world leaders and this is what he answered

Photo: Presidency.

President Gustavo Petro arrived in Egypt to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, also known as COP27 in the company of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development (Susana Muhamad) and Álvaro Leyva Durán, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Peace, among other members of his cabinet, including his vice president, Francia Márquez.

But something that caused a bit of confusion and curiosity among some attendees, but especially among the press covering the event, was the absence of the Colombian president in the official photo with which the event officially began, in which all the world leaders posed, including, for example , to Nicolás Maduro.

High-ranking sources from the House of Nariño told Semana Magazine that the reason for this absence was that the president was still preparing the speech at the very moment the photo was taken, in which he made a call to fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.

“On November 7, the Colombian Head of State will speak at COP27, which will take place in the Egyptian town of Sharm El-Sheikh, and will underline that the Amazon rainforest, which is home to eight South American countries, including Colombia, is one of the three or four climatic pillars that remain in the world, just like the oceans and the great forest tundras of the north of the planet”, they explained to him from the Government.

Then, Petro was approached by the press of the event to ask him what was the reason why he was not present in the official photo, to which he responded in a simple way and downplaying the matter:

“Official photo? Now we are going to intervene, which is the important thing,” he said.

Petro insisted again that oil consumption must be stopped

“The central problem of the climate crisis is that it can extinguish humanity, we are talking about a matter of life or death of the species (…) if that is the case, there is no other way out than to end the cause of the climate crisis which is to end the consumption of oil, coal and hydrocarbons. That is the central point “, Petro commented to the press.

It is noteworthy that before speaking before the community of world leaders, the president assured that he would deliver, in his speech, ten proposals to overcome climate change. “It is about whether humanity can exist on the planet or if we are definitely going down the path of the extinction of life and it depends on the decisions that are made in this type of event”, highlighted the president .

Petro's statements have been joined by the intervention of the Colombian vice president, Francia Márquez. “It is not possible to talk about climate change without mentioning that its effects are greater on historically excluded and impoverished populations” , she said. “Now I am heading to COP27: the meeting of all the presidents of the world to take action against the worst problem of humanity and the one that can end it: climate change produced by the fossil economy” , said, on the other hand, the head of state.

Last Saturday, environmentalists celebrated Gustavo Petro's decision to sanction the Escazú Agreement, which allows strengthen the protection of environmental defenders and their struggles. “We hope to honor it with an implementation plan so that we can have more citizen decision in environmental decisions, more participation and defend those who defend the environment”, said the Minister of the Environment, Susana Muhamad.< /p>