COP27: Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez met with Francisco Vera

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The environmentalist boy is actively participating in the environmental convention in Egypt and took the opportunity to speak with the president and vice president of Colombia

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COP27: Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez met with Francisco Vera

Francisco Vera together with Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez in COP27

A curious meeting took place within the framework of the twenty-seventh edition of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, also known as COP27: this Tuesday, November 8, during the third day of the event held in Egypt, the president and vice president from Colombia, Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, paid a visit to the children's and youth pavilion to greet Francisco Vera, the Colombian environmentalist child.

Vera, 13, is in the African country for various reasons. In the first place, he is part of the UN as child advisor to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, a position he has held since last April and with which he has been able to contribute to the fulfillment of environmental rights for children.

< p class="paragraph">In that order of ideas, the activist is promoting from his representative position a document that was signed by more than three thousand children in the world: the Joint Declaration for eco-hope, in which she asks world leaders to take action to guarantee children's environmental rights.

Furthermore, Vera is promoting the launch of the version translated into the Arabic language of < i>What is climate change, the book he authored.

“My message to everyone today is that we have eco-hope. Faced with this situation of climate crisis,We have no choice but to believe that we will get ahead. An eco-hope that is not empty, but is full of actions and commitments; that transcends beyond ecology, climate, the environment. Believing that we are going to solve the problem that threatens life”, assured the environmentalist boy.

Judging by the photographs and videos of the moment, Vera received Petro and Márquez with pleasure. “I met with the president of my beloved country, @petrogustavo, and with the vice president, @FranciaMarquezM, to whom I handed over the Joint Declaration for #Ecohope, a document signed by more than 3,000 children that I hope to deliver to other leaders. Happy afternoon”, Vera recalled on her Twitter account.

For his part, through his Instagram account, Petro mentioned that Vera gave him a copy of What is climate change. “I thank Francisco, a Colombian environmental activist, for the great contribution he makes to our country. Francisco is a great example that regardless of age, each and every one of us can contribute to help the planet in the climate crisis,” said the president.

The vice president also shared the moment with their social media followers. “We came to #COP27 to work with President @petrogustavo and our diverse entourage to make Colombia a benchmark and ally in global policies that prioritize life. We met @franciscoactiv2 with whom we share the challenge and passion of take care of the planet”, mentioned Francia Márquez.

Another who also met the environmentalist child was the Minister of the Environment, Susana Muhamad, who also traveled to Egypt to participate of the convention. “I met @franciscoactiv2 at #COP27. He is a child advisor to the #UN and an activist who has fought for the protection of the environment; he gave me his book written in Arabic. Thank you for being the spokesperson for those of us who are the powerful citizens of today!” Muhamad wrote.