Controversy: Suitcases that Francisco Barbosa's wife withdrew from a Prosecutor's office were part of her mess, the entity said

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The contents of the suitcases and bags taken by the wife of the head of the prosecutor are shrouded in mystery

Controversy: Suitcases removed by the Francisco Barbosa's wife from a Prosecutor's office were part of his mess, the entity assured

Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa (Colprensa-Mariano Vimos).

The Attorney General's Office issued a statement following the questions raised by the revelation of the Esto Es Cambio portal, about the removal of elements from a headquarters of the Prosecutor's Office carried out by the prosecutor's wife, Francisco Barbosa, Walfa Téllez and whose content is unknown.

According to the publication of the media outlet, on September 6, 2021, Téllez Duarte entered the offices on the 5th floor of the World Business Center, where the Attorney General's Office is located, and removed from there 3 suitcases, 2 garment racks, 1 ladder and 2 Venetian masks, as recorded in the report of the employee Jonathan Prieto Fonseca of that unit and revealed by Cambio.

According to that document, The Protection and Assistance Directorate works in these offices., whose function is to formulate protection policies, both for victims and witnesses, and directed to the servers of the Prosecutor's Office; as well as officials at the executive level, prosecutors, and former prosecutors, as well as his family and property.

The entity pointed out that it “does not have an evidence warehouse in its facilities, and nor of seized or abandoned items.” Given that the Assets Subdivision that does have this storage function, according to the entity's directory, works at Carrera 13 No. 73 – 50 Villegas Building, 6th floor.

The Prosecutor's Office maintained that the items removed by the attorney general's wife from the headquarters corresponded to personal property that had been stored by the entity, because they provided support to Barbosa during his house move.

< p class="paragraph">“The Protection Program of the Attorney General of the Nation accompanied the transfer of the place of residence of the Attorney General of the Nation and his family nucleus, in their capacity as protected, and temporarily for security kept some of their personal items including some suitcases and garment racks, which were duly delivered to their owners, being recorded in the respective reports and corresponding records”, the statement says.

However, the magazine questions that some offices that cost almost 1,000 million pesos per year for rent (for the use of the 5th and 7th floor together with 46 parking spaces) to the State from the prosecutor's budget, serve as a warehouse for the boss's personal assets Of the entity. Questions that have already been made in the past to the Barbosa administration, which has used security schemes to transport their pets or entity planes for family trips.

Likewise, although the entity's pronouncement was released just a few hours after its publication, no responses were delivered to the Cambio journalistic team when requested. Neither the prosecutor nor his wife, nor did the press office provide an answer, according to the journalist Sylvia Charry, to the different questions asked about what Téllez had obtained from the Prosecutor's Office.

Prieto, the assistant of the Directorate of Protection and Assistance who signed the report was promoted last February under a contract with a confidentiality agreement, as revealed by the publication of the media outlet, and did not respond to the journalist's questions either. .

The journalist Daniel Coronell, in his column, also revealed that despite requesting information on the processing of an anonymous investigation request that was filed against Walfa Téllez, wife of the prosecutor, he received an inaccurate response regarding another process, so despite the announcements by the prosecuting body that indicated that the delegated prosecutor Javier Fernando Cárdenas had assumed it, no further progress is known.