Controversy: Police opened a disciplinary investigation after the death of Juan Pablo González, the alleged sexual abuser of Hilary Castro in TransMilenio

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This is how they reacted in that institution after revealing a report from the Prosecutor's Office where it was pointed out that the man suffered polytrauma, contrary to the initial version of an alleged suicide

Controversy: Police opened a disciplinary investigation after the death of Juan Pablo González, the reported sexual abuser of Hilary Castro in TransMilenio

The Police initiated an internal disciplinary investigation after the death of Juan Pablo González, after being captured after being accused of sexually abusing a minor in Transmilenio. Photo: Security Secretariat of Bogotá

A priority internal disciplinary investigation was initiated in the Police after the death of Juan Pablo González, who was deprived of his liberty in the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) of Puente Arandawhen he was captured as the person accused of sexually abusing a minor in the vicinity of the Transmilenio station in the La Castellana neighborhood, in the north of Bogotá, on October 31.

“The National Police, for its part, opened an internal investigation that is already a priority, to establish, from a disciplinary point of view and in the shortest time possible, the circumstances surrounding these events (sic )”, they announced in a statement.

The institution reacted in this way to the information revealed by the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, both in El Tiempo and in Noticias Uno, where they indicated that the body of the accused criminal evidenced polytraumatisms after he was found lifeless inside the cell where he was held after his capture was legalized, contrary to the version of an alleged suicide.

In the letter they also reiterated that González was found dead inside his place of detention,after presenting him to the judicial authorities.

“Around 4:40 pm this Sunday (…) he was found without vital signs in a cell (…) He was being prosecuted for the crimes of violent carnal access, in a heterogeneous contest with qualified and aggravated robbery under the title of fraud as perpetrator, he was in the holding room of this facility, after that a guarantee control judge protect him with a custodial measurein a prison facility (sic)”, they pointed out.

They added that the investigation of this possible homicide will continue to be carried out by the CTI and they will wait for what the forensic opinion to the accused criminal.

“The criminal investigation was assumed by the CTI of the Attorney General's Office, which carried out urgent acts at the scene of the events , while the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences will be in charge of determining the exact cause, mechanism and manner of death (sic)”, they added.

It should be remembered that González was captured by the Police last Saturday and it was established that he had a record for carrying out obscene acts in the town of Usaquén, in the north of Bogotá, an event that occurred a week before, apparently, he committed the sexual abuse for which he was prosecuted.

The next day, the Prosecutor's Office reported thatThe accused rapist was deprived of his liberty, however, the victim of the sexual abuse reproached on social networks that she learned of the capture of her alleged perpetrator and not by the judicial authorities.

“The last people to know were me and my family. How can you tell that what they want is a 'boom', news, to generate that impact that they are doing something and clear the name of the Police”, he questioned.

It should be remembered that although the adolescent reported the case, the authorities acted after making her case public and indicating that her case was not attended to not even at the URI of San Andresito de la 38, nor at the Ricaurte headquarters.

However, it was thanks to social networks that it achieved notoriety, to the point that even the President of the Republic, Gustavo Francisco Petro, She asked the authorities for speed, since the president said that she had been a promoter of his campaign in the last elections.