Controversial Senator Lynn Beyak retires

Controversial Senator Lynn Beyak retires

(Ottawa) Ontario Senator Lynn Beyak, known for her controversial talk about residential schools, announces she is retiring before being kicked out of the upper house.

Mme Beyak made the announcement on Monday. His retirement is effective immediately.

In a press release sent to the media, she said she pledged to serve only eight years in the Senate. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed her on January 25, 2013.

The senator found herself in the hot seat in 2017 when she said in a speech in the upper house that there were good intentions behind residential schools.

These comments resulted in her being expelled from the Conservative caucus.

Last June, the Senate Ethics Committee recommended the one-year suspension of Beyak of the upper house. This discussion had ended when Parliament was prorogued.

Some other senators then took steps to obtain the outright expulsion of Beyak.

On Monday, she said that she does not regret his comments about residential schools and that a “frank and honest” conversation needs to take place on Aboriginal issues.

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