Controlling your emotions may reduce your risk of dementia – Nature Aging

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Controlling your emotions can reduce your risk of dementia, – Nature Aging

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Neuroscientists at the University of Geneva have suggested that better management of emotions can prevent pathological brain aging. The study was published in Nature Aging.

Using functional MRI, the authors compared the brain activation of young and old people after watching short clips depicting suffering, such as during a natural disaster.

The nerve connections of the elderly showed significant emotional inertia: negative emotions strongly and permanently changed the functioning of their brain, especially in the back of the cingulate cortex and the amygdala.

These two zones are included in the network of the passive mode of operation brain and are actively involved in the management of emotions and autobiographical memory. The posterior cingulate cortex is one of the areas most affected in dementia. Scientists have suggested that poor emotional control and anxiety increase the risk of neurodegeneration.

Scientists are now investigating the effect of meditation and other interventions on emotional control and slowing brain aging.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga   

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