Continuation of the grain embargo from Ukraine may result in EU sanctions for Poland

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Continuation of the grain embargo from Ukraine may result in EU sanctions for Poland

The European Union is considering the possibility of introducing sanctions against Poland , if it unilaterally extends restrictions on the import of grain from Ukraine after September 15, writes the Polish radio station RMF FM. 

The majority of EU member states oppose the extension of the embargo on Ukrainian grain by Poland, and if if such a step is taken, some countries may adopt sanctions against the country.

The European Commission believes that Poland's continuation of the embargo on Ukrainian grain violates European legislation. This may lead to the imposition of fines on Poland.

According to RMF FM sources, there are fears in Warsaw about trade countermeasures that may be introduced by individual EU countries. We are talking about Germany in particular, but in general up to 20 countries oppose the extension.

Poland also admits that other Eastern European states may refuse to support the embargo after September 15.

Unofficially, RMF FM learned that, most likely, Romania will not go against the decision of the European Commission, but the same decision may be made by others – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

In mid-April 2023, Poland, followed by Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria, suspended the import of grain and other food products from Ukraine under pressure from local producers. .

The countries agreed to cancel unilateral restrictions only after lengthy negotiations with the European Union, as a result of which the European Commission agreed to allocate 100 million euros for compensation to farmers of Ukraine's neighboring countries. After that, an embargo on the import of several grain and oil crops from Ukraine (wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower) was approved by five countries of Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania.

< p>These restrictions are in effect until mid-September, and the European Commission does not plan to extend them.

Zelensky called on Europe to lift the grain embargo, because "any restrictions against Ukrainian exports are now unacceptable.