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Conservatives question Justin Trudeau's stay with friends in Jamaica

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

Federal Conservatives ask Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to investigate Justin Trudeau's vacation at friends in Jamaica and how the Prime Minister's Office handled the fact that he was hosted for free.

MP Michael Barrett, Conservative ethics critic, asked Commissioner Konrad von Finckenstein in writing on Tuesday whether he knew Mr. Trudeau had stayed at a luxury estate owned by a family friend .

The Canadian Press has not independently verified a National Post article that the Prime Minister reportedly vacationed at a luxury estate in Jamaica where villas rented for thousands of dollars a night during the holiday season.

Mr. Barrett calls this stay a gift with commercial value.

Before the vacation, the Prime Minister's office was keen to emphasize that Mr. Trudeau would take charge of the expenses of this 10 day trip to Jamaica.

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However, just before the prime minister's return, his office clarified that he had reimbursed the equivalent of the cost of plane tickets on a commercial flight but that the Trudeaus were staying for free with family friends. The cabinet specified that before leaving, the Prime Minister had consulted the Ethics Commissioner on the details of this trip.

A spokeswoman for Mr. von Finckenstein would not say last week what details the prime minister's office had provided to his office.

He recalled, however, that the Conflict of Interest Act allows a holder of a public office to accept a gift or other advantage from a relative or a friend without having to declare it publicly.

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