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« Consensus » so that Azerba&iuml ;djan hosts COP29 | COP28: climate summit in Dubai

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The COP28 logo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 29, 2023.

Agence France -Press

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Azerbaijan should host the 29th UN conference on climate change in a year, according to this country and Russia on Saturday, which would make the second COP in a row chaired by a country heavily dependent on hydrocarbons.

I am happy to announce that there is a general consensus around Azerbaijan's candidacy to host COP29, said Azerbaijani Minister of Ecology Mukhtar Babayev, during a speech at COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are very grateful for the support of all countries, especially those in the Eastern European Group and the host, the United Arab Emirates. We are committed to working inclusively and collaboratively with all to make COP29 a success.

A quote from Azerbaijani Minister of Ecology, Mukhtar Babayev

We welcome the compromise we have reached in the Eastern European group towards COP29, said Ruslan Edelgeriev, Russian climate envoy.

Blocked for months, the designation of the country which was to chair COP29 was in the process of being resolved since the announcement that Armenia supported Azerbaijan's candidacy on Thursday.

COP28: climate summit in Dubai

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COP28: climate summit in Dubai

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These two Caucasian countries, whose last war dates back to 2020 and which still regularly oppose each other in armed incidents at the border, made a joint declaration in which they announced, among other things, that Armenia has withdrew its candidacy to organize COP29 and supports that of Azerbaijan. Their two applications neutralized each other and blocked the process.

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Abdulla Malek, Head of Energy Transition Strategy at the Office of the UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, addresses participants during the COP28 opening ceremony. (File photo)

Climate COPs are held each year in a different bloc of countries: this year, Asia had designated the United Arab Emirates, and next year will be the turn of Eastern Europe, whose member countries had to agree, according to the UN procedure.

However, Russia opposed the choice of Bulgaria, a member of the European Union.

Finally, Bulgaria announced on Friday that it was withdrawing its candidacy in a spirit of goodwill.

Azerbaijan's designation must still be ratified by all countries at COP28, which ends on Tuesday.

Baku was one of the world oil capitals at the beginning of the 20th century, Francis Perrin, an energy specialist at the #x27;Institute of international and strategic relations, with Russian interests, Shell and the Nobel brothers at the time.

This country exploited , from the 1990s, large oil and gas deposits in the Caspian Sea, he continued.

Today, the Gas has become more important than oil for OPEC+ member Azerbaijan, mainly exported to Europe.

This country today remains very dependent on hydrocarbons, which represent a little less than 50% of its GDP, a little more than 50% of its budgetary revenues and a little more than 90% of its foreign revenues. export, added Francis Perrin.

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