Congressmen of the Historical Pact are in the crosshairs of the CNE for double militancy

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For the National Electoral Council, several of the ruling party congressmen campaigned for Gustavo Petro when they represented the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement (MAIS)

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Congressmen of the Historical Pact are targeted by the CNE for double militancy

For now, the only one penalized is César Pachón, the senator's defense pointed out that the video in question was a informative message

On November 2, 2022, the Council of State (CNE) provisionally suspended the senator of the Historical Pact César Augusto Pachón after a claim for annulment filed after a ban on alleged double militancy.

This is one of the reasons for the national government benchto be on alert, since it was learned that more demands were received at the CNE against the ruling party congressmen.

Regarding the sanction against Pachón and according to what was narrated by the person who presented the nullity, through a video published in March 2022, the congressman invited the public to vote for the candidates of the Colombia Humana Party, by Gustavo Petroin the presidential consultation and Pedro José Suárez Vacca to the House of Representatives for Boyacá.

The problem is that Pachón, registered as a candidate endorsed by the party Movimiento Alternativo Indígena y Social (MAIS), was supporting other parties, despite the fact that for such elections the group to which his party belongs had its own candidates.

Once he learned of the decision of the CNE,Congressman César Pachón defended himself on his Twitter account. “This was the “double militancy” that hurt them. Recover vote by vote for Petro in Boyacá”, he trilled on the social network and shared the video that “made the CNE uncomfortable”.

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For the Council of State, all the elements of the prohibition of double militancy of the defendant Senator César Pachón are accredited

For now, it has been known that since the Historical PactThey would be concerned about this situation, since Senator Gustavo Bolívar, Senator María José Pizarro and the representative and speaker of the Chamber, David Racero, among others, they would have a case identical to that of Senator Pachón. All of these were endorsed by the MAIS, but in the consultations they supported Gustavo Petro and not the candidate of his party, Arelis Uriana.

One ​​of the first to speak out on this issue was precisely the president of the House of Representatives, who on his Twitter account stated:

“What they could not do through political means, in a frank fight at the polls, now they intend to do it with legal tricks. They want to take away the seat of the majority of the congressmen of the Historical Pact, because of “double militancy” when we campaigned within a coalition.”

Congressmen of the Historical Pact are targeted by the CNE for double militancy

So did Senator Wilson Arias, who published: “Friends, I have been sued for double militancy. My sin”? Having been to a Pact event and @petrogustavo. There is a probability that in the coming weeks they will take away our seats. Legally, we are already defending the representation of the people. Here we go, send strength!”

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Rodrigo Lara also spoke about the possible sanctions against the congressmen of the Historical Pact by the CNE: “this issue of punishment for double militancy is coming to legal ridicule unprecedented in any serious country”. They are applying the norm without taking into account the spirit of political competition in any normal democracy, “he added.

For now, the only one sanctioned is César Pachón. The senator's defense pointed out that the video in question was an informative message; however, for the high court “it is clear the defendant's intention to make the aforementioned support known to the community in general, which distorts the statements of his attorney, aimed at questioning that it was a message whose purpose was for the public to know about it.”