Congress: They question the release of Antauro Humala, author of the 'Andahuaylazo'

Congress: They question the release of Antauro Humala, author of the 'Andahuaylazo'

The head of the Legislature, Lady Camones, considers that the release “should be reviewed”. Meanwhile, parliamentarians Alejandro Muñante and Vivian Olivos ask that the Minister of Justice and the head of INPE be summoned to give explanations.

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Congress: They question the release of Antauro Humala, author of the ‘Andahuaylazo’

Antauro Humala was released on Saturday, sympathizers received him outside the Ancón II prison. | Photo: Julio Reaño/@photo.gec

The President of Congress, Lady Camones, considered on Monday that the release of Antauro Humala, sentenced for the 'Andahuaylazo' Case, “should be reviewed” to ensure that the procedures dictated by law for redemption of sentences have been followed.

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Camones, who is also a parliamentarian for the Alianza para el Progreso, lamented that the ethnocacerist did not repent of the armed uprising in which four policemen died in 2005, and specified that, if his release was legal, then it must be respected.

Humala was released on Saturday after serving 17 years, 7 months and 14 days of his 19-year sentence for the crimes of homicide, kidnapping and rebellion, after the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) accepted his request to access the redemption of sentence and regain his freedom.

“It is unfortunate to have heard these statements from Antauro that he does not repent of his crimes. This exit must be reviewed, if it were in accordance with the law we will have to accept it, but there are situations that are not clear, such as the payment of reparations and whether it has really been rehabilitated or not”, the head of Parliament also asserted.< /p>

At another point, Camones pointed out that “in politics, nothing is by chance.” “One of Pedro Castillo's campaign promises was to pardon Antauro,” he added.

In dialogue with El Comercio, criminal lawyer Andy Carrión explained that this “administrative decision can be questioned through an amparo action before the Judiciary, which -based on a constitutional investigation, will determine if the decision made by the technical body [dle INPE] was in accordance with the law or not ”.

Carrión added that said appeal can be presented by any citizen.

—They ask for explanations—

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Meanwhile, congressman Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renovation) asked on Monday that the Justice Commission summon the head of INPE, Omar Méndez, to explain why granted Humala the benefit of redemption of conviction.

Likewise, the parliamentarian Vivian Olivos (Popular Force)- who requested on Saturday that Méndez and the Minister of Justice, Félix Chero, be summoned by the Oversight Commission – told this newspaper that he still has not received a response from the chairman of this working group, Héctor Ventura.

“It is likely because the incident occurred unexpectedly on Friday and representation activities were already scheduled for this week (when congressmen travel to their regions)”, the legislator pointed out.

In addition, the parliamentarian described as “regrettable” the statements that Humala gave after leaving the prison, in which he indicated that he was sorry for what happened in 'andahuaylazo'. “I imagine that with these statements the pain has returned for the families of the victims,” ​​she said.

On Sunday, Héctor Ventura, also a member of Fuerza Popular, told Punto Punto final that “it would be necessary to review under what conditions” the ethnocacerist was released and he believed that this fact is “one more slap (by the Government) to the Police National, since unfortunately this man has committed acts against our police.”

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  • Sentence. Humala was sentenced in 2009 to 25 years in prison, but in 2011, the Supreme Court reduced his sentence to 19 years. 

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  • Output. The ethnocacerist was released on Saturday thanks to the fact that INPE granted his request for redemption of sentence. 
  • Congress: Question the release of Antauro Humala, author of the ‘Andahuaylazo’