Congress: they approve an opinion to keep uncontested ballot papers

Congress: they approve an opinion to keep uncontested ballot papers

Modification contemplates that said identification cards are sent to the ONPE for custody and preservation for a period of not less than 90 days after the electoral act.

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Congress: approve opinion to conserve uncontested ballot papers

The current regulations provide for the destruction of the ballot papers counted once the counting of votes has concluded. (Photo: ONPE)

The Constitution and Regulations Commission of the Congress approved the opinion of the bill that proposes modifications to the Organic Law of Elections with the purpose of optimizing mechanisms of transparency of results in processes electoral.

This is Bill 1964/2021-CR, which proposes to modify articles 279 and 300 of the electoral law to provide for the conservation of the counted ballots for a period of 90 days in order to have a means of verification regarding the vote and against possible fraud.

It should be noted that the current regulations provide for the destruction of the scrutinized ballots once completed the counting of votes.

The agreement was reached by majority, with 11 votes in favor and 6 against, in the session that said commission held on Tuesday 28, led by Congresswoman Gladys Echaiz (Alliance for Progress), in her capacity as vice president.

The amendment contemplates that, once the count is over, the uncontested ballot papers are placed in an envelope and sent to the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE) for safekeeping and preservation, under the responsibility, for a period of no less than 90 days from the electoral act.

It adds that after this period, ONPE proceeds with its destruction in a public act, with the presence of a representative of the Public Ministry, being able to keep them in digital format.

If electoral processes are carried out virtually, the digital format will be saved in the corresponding electronic medium .

Echaiz said that the proposed modification will allow for an adequate protection mechanism to increase the transparency of the electoral process, which will also result in an increase in the confidence of the voters and the legitimacy of the electoral process.

After that, Congressman Waldemar Cerrón (Free Peru) presented a reconsideration of the vote on the opinion. However, the resource only had the support of 6 votes in favor and 8 against; that is, it did not obtain the necessary votes for its approval (11 votes).

Congress: approves an opinion to conserve voting-cards uncontested

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