Congress: Support grows for possible censorship against Minister Geiner Alvarado

Congress: Support grows for possible censorship against Minister Geiner Alvarado

Legislators from different benches support the departure of the head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

  • Messages, chats and documents contradict Minister Geiner Alvarado on Emergency Decree 102-2021
  • They ask to investigate revelations by the former Vice Minister of Housing

Congress: support grows for possible censorship against minister Geiner Alvarado

Alvarado was Minister of Housing from July 28, 2021 to August 5, 2022.

Congressmen Diego Bazán (Avanza País) and Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renovation) did not rule out presenting a motion of censure against the head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Geiner Alvarado, due to alleged acts of corruption when He was in charge of the Housing portfolio, for which he is being investigated by the Public Ministry together with President Pedro Castillo.

The Investigation Unit of this newspaper revealed on Saturday that emails, WhatsApp messages and official documents contradict the statement that Alvarado gave to the prosecution about the origin of Emergency Decree 102-2021, signed by him -when he was Minister of Housing- and President Pedro Castillo. That decree authorized the financing of million-dollar works in Anguía (Chota, Cajamarca), for whose alleged irregularities the president's relatives are being investigated.

In this regard Bazán told El Comercio that “it is clear to him that the decrees are born at the initiative of the ministerial portfolios” and that “in this context the participation” of Alvarado “in this entire plot that has been woven around the president is evident.” “In this scenario, I am particularly convinced that censorship should be introduced,” he added.

Parliamentary Alejandro Muñante also did not rule out supporting or promoting a censorship against Alvarado. However, he did not provide details. Meanwhile, José Arriola (Popular Action) and Carlos Zevallos (Integrity and Development) were also in favor of censorship against the head of the MTC.

“[Geiner Alvarado] wants to wash his hands [before the prosecution]. Here what is under discussion is that companies, through certain characters, are the ones that have won the processes […] I am going to vote in favor of the questioning and censorship”, Arriola asserted.

Interpellation motion is debated on Monday 29

  • The motion has 14 questions that, if approved, Alvarado must answer before the plenary for issues related to his links with the companies JJ Espino Engineering and Construction SAC, Destcon Engineers and Architects SAXC and Gorgor, among others that contracted with the Ministry of Housing.

  • Questions are also included about meetings that Geiner Alvarado held with the first lady Lilia Paredes, Yenifer Paredes Navarro, the Anggi brothers Espino and Hugo Espino, and the mayor of Anguía, José Medina Guerrero.

Congress: Support grows for possible censorship against Minister Geiner Alvarado

Zevallos urged the minister to resign and to “prevent waste time” in censoring it. “There was more and more evidence indicating that there was mismanagement [in Housing],” he added.

The plenary session of Congress will debate tomorrow a interpellation motion against Alvarado.

Congressman Álex Paredes, a member of the Magisterial Bloc, criticized the attempt to question or censor Minister Alvarado. “I do not agree because it is a waste of time. I do not endorse anything, even more so when this is already in the Public Ministry, what is this clowning for? Alvarado and President Pedro Castillo for allegedly being involved in a criminal organization through which works were irregularly tendered in Anguía, Cajamarca.

  • The former Vice Minister of Housing and Urbanism revealed to El Comercio the existence of a “parallel power” in that portfolio during the Alvarado administration.

Congress: grows support for possible censorship against Minister Geiner Alvarado