Congress censors Minister Geiner Alvarado and must leave office

Congress censors Minister Geiner Alvarado and must leave office

Pedro Castillo's right-hand man, Geiner Alvarado, is being investigated by the prosecution for alleged criminal organization and other crimes.

    Congress censures Minister Geiner Alvarado and he must leave office

    Alvarado had a questionable time at the Ministry of Housing before assuming the MTC. (Photo: Parliament)/

    As reported by El Comercio, the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic censured by a large majority the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Geiner Alvarado, investigated by the prosecution for alleged criminal organization. Now, President Pedro Castillo must accept the official's resignation within the next seventy-two hours.

    For the censorship of Geiner Alvarado, the president's right-hand man, more than half the legal number of congressmen (66) was required. The motion was supported by 94 legislators from different benches, including the ruling party. Meanwhile, 14 voted against and 8 abstained.

    This is how the congressmen voted for the censorship of Geiner Alvarado

     Congress censures Minister Geiner Alvarado and he must leave office

    This is how congressmen voted to censure Geiner Alvarado

    Alvarado currently faces at least four tax investigations. One of them is directed by the National Prosecutor for allegedly being part of a criminal network within the Ministry of Housing that would be led by President Pedro Castillo.

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    Until the last moment, the also former Minister of Housing tried to hold on to the position. While Congress owed its censorship, it was learned that Alvarado filed an amparo action against Congress for alleged violation of due process.

    Follow here the details of the discussion:

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    The approved motion warned of a “danger to institutionality”of the MTC product of the questions and investigation by alleged criminal organization that Alvarado drags after passing through the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS). Likewise, he pointed out that there is “incapacity, ineptitude and irresponsibility” in the official.

    Screening prior to the debate

    The intentions of censorship against the minister were expressed from the parliamentary opposition even during the interpellation to which he was subjected on the last September 5.

    According to consultations carried out by El Comercio among the different groups, the plenary session had enough votes to achieve the censorship of Alvarado. Until Wednesday night they projected more than ninety adhesions compared to the sixty-six that are required at least.

    Seven benches were outlined to vote in favor as a block. In the right-wing opposition group, they are Fuerza Popular (FP), Renovación Popular (RP) and Avanza País. Similarly, center groups such as Alliance for Progress (APP), Somos Perú (SP) and Integrity and Development (ID); and on the left, Peru Libre, despite being close to the government of Pedro Castillo.

    Meanwhile, the Postures were divided until yesterday but mostly in favor in Popular Action (AP) and Podemos Peru.

    Meanwhile, the positions against come mainly from the Magisterial Bloc and Democratic Peru, allied groups of the Executive.

    Banches For Against Under evaluation
    Fuerza Popular< /td>

    24 0 0
    Peru Libre 16 0 0
    Popular Action 8 0 6
    Alliance for Progress 9 0 0
    Magisterial Block< /td>

    0 10 0
    Popular Renewal 9 0 0
    Advance Country 8 0 0
    Democratic Peru 1 5 0
    Podemos Peru< /td>

    5 0 1
    Integrity and Development 6 0 0
    We are Peru 4 0 0
    Democratic Change – JP 2 1 2
    Perú Bicentenario 0 0 5
    Ungrouped (Edward Málaga) 1 0 0
    Ungrouped (Carlos Anderson) 1 0 0
    Ungrouped ( Roberto Chiabra) 1 0 0
    Ungrouped (Heidy Juárez) 1 0 0
    Ungrouped (Luis Picón) 0 0 1
    TOTAL 96 16 15


    The spokeswoman for Peru Libre, Kelly Portalatino, announced last night that her group will vote in favor of censorship.

    The legislator told Canal N that it was determined to support the motion by majority, after “an arduous debate”, during a caucus meeting.

    Days ago, the legislator had pointed out that Alvarado's dismissal “is necessary”, but mainly because of his “bad management”.

    Meanwhile, the spokesman for Democratic Change – Together for Peru, Edgard Reymundo – who signed the motion of censure with his colleague Ruth Luque – told this newspaper that his group had not defined a collegiate position until yesterday. “I hope that the bench can also pronounce in that sense, but we have not yet discussed it,” he said.

    In Peru Bicentennial, Jorge Coayla commented that his bench did not yet have a decision. In Democratic Peru, Héctor Valer signed the motion and would vote in favor.

    On the other hand, Carlos Zeballos, deputy spokesman for ID, said he was surprised that Alvarado had not been included in the recent Cabinet changes.

    “We hope that the minister will react and resign, because censorship is imminent”, he estimated.

    In the right block, the matter is more defined. Norma Yarrow, from Avanza País, declared yesterday that censorship “falls from maturity.”

    “We are clear on that,” said the legislator of Popular Renewal and third vice president of Parliament, Alejandro Muñante.


    In May, Carlos Palacios left the Ministry of Energy and Mines two days after a motion of censure was filed against him.

    Fugitive Juan Silva resigned from the MTC in February while Congress debated his censorship.