Congress awaits explanations from the Minister of the Interior for the kidnapping of journalists

Congress awaits explanations from the Minister of the Interior for the kidnapping of journalists

The Citizen Security Commission summoned Mariano González for Monday. It was agreed that the Department of Defense and Internal Order should also cite him.

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Congress awaits explanations from the minister of the Interior for the kidnapping of journalists

Minister González, who was recently sworn into office, is summoned by Parliament committees. (Photo: Archive)

The kidnapping of journalists from the “Cuarto poder” program by patrolmen from Chota, in Cajamarca, last Wednesday also generated measures in different instances of the Congress of the Republic.

The Special Multiparty Commission on Citizen Security, chaired by legislator Alfredo Azurín (Somos Perú), summoned the recently appointed Minister of the Interior, Mariano González, for this Monday at 10 a.m.

The objective is that in addition to communicating the work plan of its management, it reports on the actions adopted by the sector against the kidnapping of journalists and the efforts to capture required people.

Among the fugitives from Peruvian justice are three people close to President Pedro Castillo: his nephew Fray Vásquez, former Secretary General of the Presidency Bruno Pacheco, and former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva.

“I reject any act of violence that affects the fundamental rights of people, such as freedom of expression and access to information”, indicated Azurín in Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Board of Parliamentary Spokespersons agreed last Thursday that the Defense and Internal Order Commission, chaired by José Williams (Avanza País), summon González to explain what happened in Cajamarca and detail the actions undertaken by the ministry.

“The idea is that it be the most immediate possible”Eduardo Salhuana, spokesman for the Alliance for Progress (APP), told the press.

El Comercio learned that Williams, spokesman for the caucus of Avanza País was not at the speakers' session yesterday because he is abroad. But the measure was communicated to his office.

“The President of the Republic should meet with the patrolmen, he should call them and ask for an explanation. If he doesn't set the limit, next week it could be you,”, the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, told the press.

Throughout his electoral campaign and so far in his government, President Pedro Castillo has incited his supporters against the press and has also called the ronderos to “govern together” or “being part of this government”.

Call to the plenary session

Another request for explanations came from Patricia Chirinos, third vice president of Congress and representative of Avanza País.

Chirinos presented a motion in which he proposed that the plenary approve inviting the Minister of the Interior to the session that took place last Thursday, so that he could explain the case.

In addition, the motion proposed “to express the will of the Congress of the Republic to defend freedom of expression, freedom of the press and condemn any attempt at censorship ”.

Although Avanza País expected the motion to be discussed and the minister to be summoned, that did not happen until the closing of this edition.

In the Chirinos document, it was recalled that after ruling on the facts on Wednesday, “when asked why the led to the arrest of some involved, González specified that due to the difficulty of access to the area, only the journalists could be rescued.”

< i> “Minister Mariano González, the country expects you to report on the intervention and arrest of the kidnappers of the journalists from ‘Fourth Estate’”, he added.