Confusion on Sergei Lavrov's arrival in Bali: was he hospitalized and then taken to his hotel?

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Local sources reported that Vladimir Putin's foreign minister received medical attention for a heart problem in Indonesia, where he arrived to represent the head of the Kremlin in the G20 summit, but her spokeswoman denied the incident

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Confusion on Sergei Lavrov's arrival in Bali: was he hospitalized and then taken to his hotel?

Sergei Lavrov in Cambodia this Sunday (via Reuters)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was transferred to a hospital < /b>after suffering a health problemafter his arrival at the Group of 20 summit in Bali, Indonesian authorities said on Monday. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman later denied that the diplomat suffered any medical problems.

Four Indonesian government and medical officials told The Associated Press that the A 72-year-old Russian diplomat had received medical care at the Sanglah Hospital in the provincial capital, Denpasar. They all declined to name him because they were not allowed to comment on the matter publicly.

Two of the people said that Lavrov received treatment for a heart problem.

Later, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said that Lavrov went to Sanglah hospital a day after arriving in Bali for a “check-up”, although shortly after he left the medical center in “good health”, according to the Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post.

Another official said he went to the health center twice.

“He is in good health, he came to the hospital yesterday (Sunday) after arriving in Bali just to check his health,” said Sunarto, a Health Ministry official who, like many Indonesians, does not have a last name. On Monday “he came back to the hospital just for a check-up and thank God he is healthy,” he told AFP .

Confusion on Sergei Lavrov's arrival in Bali: was he hospitalized and then taken to his hotel?

Sergey Lavrov arrived in Indonesia late Sunday (via Reuters)

Russian embassy staff could not initially be reached for comment.

< p class="paragraph">Then,the foreign ministry spokeswoman posted a video of Lavrov in the hoteland assured that these are lies, although he did not clarify whether he had received any medical treatment. Maria Zajárova showed Lavrov sitting outside on a patio, wearing shorts and a T-shirt and reading documents.

In July, Lavrov withdrew early from a meeting of G20 ministers after facing a barrage of criticism over the war in Ukraine.

The Kremlin justified Putin's absence from the meeting for “agenda” reasons that kept the president in Russia, without specifying the commitment that prevents him from participating in one of the most important world summits.

Putin will not even address the summit by videoconference, according to the Kremlin, while Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskyy, whose country is not a member of the G20, will speak twice.

Putin's absence reflects the “feeling of stalemate” among the actors in the conflict in Ukraine, “starting with the Russian leadership,” said Konstantin Kalachev, an independent Russian political scientist.

In fact, almost nine months after the start of the Russian offensive, there has been no negotiation between kyiv and Moscow.

In any case, the timing seems especially bad for for Russia to start talks, as it accumulates numerous military setbacks but Hundreds of thousands of reservists will be mobilized this fall.

(With information from AP and AFP)

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