Conflict at 70 Rocks. Standing up to China and Taiwan

Conflict at 70 Rocks. Standing up to China and Taiwan

Conflict at 70 Rocks. Opposition to China and Taiwan

The People's Republic of China honors Taiwan with a province that has fallen apart, as soon as it is guilty of turning to China.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nance Pelosi visits Taiwan, shaking the whole world through threats to China. In the blue of China and Taiwan, a constantly lingering conflict, which began over 70 years ago.

The People's Republic of China respects Taiwan, a province that has been broken, as soon as it is guilty of turning to the warehouse of China. Sino-Japanese war, the Qing order had to give up Taiwan to Japan. For pіdbags Other ї svіtovї ї vіyni Japan vіdmovila vіd іn control over the teritoryієyu taken from China. Republic of China – one of the helpers of the wife – began to rule Taiwan for the sake of its allies, the United States and Great Britain.

And then, in China, a mass war broke out between the national order of the Kuomintang party, like Chiang Kai-shek, and the Communist Party of China under the influence of Mao Zedong. The Kuomintang recognized the blows.

In 1949, Chiang Kai-shek's rozі zі sі prihilnik &#8211 ; all in all it was close to the second million people – duck to Taiwan. Vіn having fallen asleep there at the Vignanni, naming his subdivision the Republic of China and ruling its offensive 25 years.

The mainland Chinese, like the Beagle at once from Chiang Kai-shek, often dominated the politics of Taiwan, although they became less than 14% of the population. Elizarov. In his youth, Yogo was taught to go to Moscow, he lived with his sister Lenina, taking part in the collectivization and for a long time working at the machine shop at the Uralmash plant, and in 1937 he was arrested.

In addition, in 1937, Jiang Chingguo turned to the fatherland with the Ryan squad (in Taiwan, the won was taken away by me Jiang Fangliang).

vodkritistyu and democratic behavior. Being the minister of internal affairs in the ranks of his father in Taiwan, he strangled some samples of communist slaughter.

After the death of the old man, he suddenly became the Kuomintang, and then, in 1978, he became the president of Taiwan and, relying on two terms, lived until his death in 1988. For the first time, democratic reforms took place in Taiwan, although the order was left with an authoritarian streak.

Jiang Chingguo's successor was the second vice-president, Li Denhui. Yogo is called the “father of Taiwanese democracy”. After the constitutional reform was carried out, and in 2000, a president was elected in the country for the first time, who was not a member of the Kuomintang party – Chen Shui-bian.

Who is for Taiwan?

Taiwan may have a constitution, democratically elect a leader and an army of close to 300,000 men.

Chiang Kai-shek, who once set up a squad there at the Wignann, affirmed that he represents the whole of China, and daring to conquer the country back. Having occupied Taiwan in the place of China in the Security of the UN, the remnants of the rich country Zakhoda were respected by the very right Chinese order. represent hundreds of millions of people who live near mainland China.

1971 turned the fate of the UN to Beijing, and switched off Taiwan. In 1978, China began to boost its economy. The United States, having recognized the possibility for trade and the need for the development of a banknote, in 1979 officially installed a diplomatic banknote in Beijing. 15 is close at once.

Now, regardless of the appearance of these characteristics of an independent power and sovereignty over China's political system, Taiwan's legal status is no longer intelligible.

One country, two systems< /strong>

In 1980, the fate of the blue between China and Taiwan began to settle down: Taiwan gradually changed the rules on investment in China, and in 1991 announced the fate that the war with the People's Republic of China was over.

China, having so promoted the titles of the option & # 8220; one country, two systems & # 8221;, in a way, as if having sung Beijing, Taiwan, save autonomy, as if it were good for the flight & # 8217; Pіd tаkі wаs bіtsyanki Pekin 1997 rock turning its own hong kong – Until recently, we have been trying to understand the words, and then by force we will show our own rules to democratic Hong Kong. Taiwan has adopted the proposition.

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian, who came to power in 2000 years, became a headache for China, the remnants of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan vociferously supported the vote of the great power.

In 2004, Chen's roci was taken to a different term, and through the Republic of China, having praised the title of the law against enforcement, which allows China to victorious & # 8220; non-peaceful koshti & # 8221; against Taiwan, so I'll try to get cremated. Although Beijing and Taipei cannot afford to live in principled political nutrition, the remaining ten years of economic growth continued to expand and expand. According to official tributes to Taiwan, from 1991 until the end of May 2021, Taiwanese investment in China was 193.5 billion dollars. In addition, it is important that these economic factors change the effectiveness of China's attack. At the grassroots fate of President Biden, they energized that the United States is ready to invade Taiwan, and they are firmly convinced. The white light of this term rose’clearing that the position of the United States towards Taiwan has not changed, and confirming its predilection for the policy“one China”. Approximately the same was the case with Biden's earlier statements about the military support for Taiwan. Beijing is suing whether or not to support Taipei from the side of Washington and in response to Biden's statement by activating the invasion of military aircraft near the counter defense zone of Taiwan.