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Containment at Wilbrod Pavilion -Dufour d’Alma

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Containment is in progress at the Wilbrod-Dufour Pavilion in Alma.


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Students from Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour secondary school, in Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean, have been confined to their premises since 12:30 p.m.

The young people were instructed to stay where they were until further notice.

Few details have filtered out about the reasons for this confinement .

According to a message published on the City of Alma's Facebook page, the students are safe.

The Sûreté du Québec earlier carried out a preventive confinement at the Wilbrod-Dufour Pavilion. The police force is currently validating certain information on the ground, the message also says.

Loading in progress“The time is serious”, says the Inter-union Common Front to the Legault government

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: “This is a serious time,” says the Inter-Union Common Front to the Legault government

The SQ confirms that this intervention is preventive.

Currently, there is a significant police deployment in the area in order to validate and corroborate the information received, the SQ said in a press release around 2:30 p.m.

A security perimeter has been established.

According to the assistant general director of the Lac-Saint-Jean School Service Center, Christine Flaherty, it was an employee who contacted the SQ.

It was a staff member who witnessed something that might seem suspicious at lunchtime, so the person decided to contact the Sûreté du Québec. The Sûreté du Québec with the information decided to carry out a confinement, barricade, for prevention. All this happened around noon, she revealed.

An employee blocks one of the PWD entrances with his vehicle staff.

Several patrol cars are circulating in the surrounding streets.

Here is the note that the School Service Center sent to parents at lunch time:

“This is to inform you that all students and staff members of Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour are currently in confinement in the establishment as a preventive measure.

If your child has not yet left for school, we ask that you keep them at home.

The Buses that arrived for the start of classes in the afternoon were directed to the parking lot of Camille-Lavoie High School, where staff members will take care of them.

This is the most up-to-date information we have. We will keep you informed of developments as soon as possible. »

With information from Annie-Claude Brisson

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