Concerts of Maxim Galkin and “Time Machine” canceled in Georgia

Concerts of Maxim Galkin and “Time Machine” canceled in Georgia

В Georgia canceled the concerts of Maxim Galkin and

Andrei Makarevich is the founder, leader and the only permanent member of the rock band «Time Machine».   Concerts of Maxim Galkin and «Time Machine» canceled in Georgia

The opposition speaks of political motives, the Ministry of Culture denies the accusations

In Georgia, the concerts of Russian artists Maxim Galkin, the Time Machine group and Valery Meladze, scheduled for the fall, have been canceled. The Tbilisi “Palace of Sports”, owned by private individuals, explained this by the fact that the building needs to be repaired. Although the local ticketing agency, which has already sold thousands of tickets for said concerts, is convinced that the reason is political.

“It is unbelievable that a private organization on its own initiative refuses income and goes to such reputational damage. Obviously, this happened in a political context. Artists (Makarevich, Galkin) who openly support Ukraine and who are supported by Ukrainians are being blocked… If we are afraid that someone in Russia will be upset if a private company lets in Russian opposition artists, then what will be the next step? Shall we also ban Facebook?” the organization's letter to the Ministry of Culture of Georgia reads.

The authors of the letter are convinced that the canceled three concerts will be followed by many others, risky logistics.”

“Beyond competence”

In response, the Ministry of Culture stated that it was not involved in the cancellation of concerts by Russian artists and denied accusations that the Georgian authorities were afraid to express their support for Ukraine.
< br /> “The Old Palace of Sports has been in private ownership for many years, the issue of holding a concert in the ownership of a private company is beyond the competence of the ministry,” the Ministry of Culture of Georgia said in a statement dated September 3.

There is also another one in Tbilisi, the so-called “New Sports Palace”, which is under the control of the Ministry of Culture. According to the department, they have not received a request to hold concerts by Russian performers in this building.

“The new sports palace in Tbilisi opened with a grandiose charity concert dedicated to Ukraine. Accordingly, any attempts to create a scandal around the Ministry of Culture and manipulate this sensitive topic are futile,” the ministry said.

The reaction of the opposition

At the same time, the Georgian opposition is convinced that the concerts were canceled precisely because of the pressure of the ruling Georgian Dream.

“The cancellation of the planned concerts of the Russian rock band Mashina Vremya and the popular Russian artist Maxim Galkin at the Sports Palace is an immoral act of the government, which is already standing in the way of Russia. These people are those rare Russian performers who openly criticize Putin and support Ukraine. The Georgian government is just traitors, there is no other way to call them,” said Roman Gotsiridze, a deputy from ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili’s United National Movement party.

time” Andrei Makarevich in Russia was recognized as a “foreign agent”. Prior to this, in the summer of this year, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko accused Makarevich and Maxim Galkin of raising funds allegedly to sponsor a coup in Belarus.