Concern for the state of health of Felipe de Edimburgo

Concern for the state of health of Felipe de Edimburgo

The Duke of Edinburgh has already been admitted to the King Edward VII private hospital in Maryleboneen (London) for eight days while concern about his health is increasing because he was only expected to remain there for a few days, according to a spokesman for the royal house when he announced his arrival at the medical center

Prince Felipe, 99, entered a week ago to receive treatment for an unspecified problem since the official communication has only said that his stay at the medical center where he arrived from Windsor Castle it was for "observation and rest."

Carlos from England visited his father last Sunday. Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic for visits, the heir went to see the duke with whom he was 30 minutes after having made a nearly three-hour drive by road from his home in Highgrove in Gloucestershire. The Prince of Wales entered through the back door to avoid the press who still got some image of him. Witnesses to the scene assure that Carlos left visibly moved.

On Monday his grandson Guillermo, when asked at a public ceremony about his grandfather's state of health, limited himself to saying: "Okay, they are watching him." There is no record that Philip of Edinburgh has received more visits. Elizabeth II remains at Windsor Castle.

In recent hours it has transpired that the Duke of Edinburgh is very upset by the decision of his grandson Henry to permanently separate himself from the royal family. Philip of Edinburgh has gone to great lengths to try to understand exactly why the young couple of Harry and Meghan, who apparently had everything on their side, would want to trade their privileged life for a more ordinary existence. This is how Ingrid Seward, a biographer who has written books about various members of the Windsors, explained it: “She has suffered a lot, for example, because of what she sees as an abandonment by her grandson Enrique of his tasks. his homeland and everything he loved for a selfish and famous life in America. It has been very difficult for her to understand exactly what it was that made her grandson's life so unbearable. As far as Felipe knows, marriage had it all: a perfect home, a healthy child and a unique opportunity to make a huge global impact with their solidarity tasks. ”

Born in Greece in 1921 (although in exile since his youth), The duke will turn 100 on June 10, a date for which the institution is already preparing a special celebration, despite the fact that he decided to retire from public life after decades of service in August 2017 . At the beginning of last January it was learned that both he and the queen – who have been married for more than 73 years – had been vaccinated against coronavirus.

The secrets of the longevity of Elizabeth II

This is the last of the various hospital admissions to those that Felipe has been subjected to in recent years, some of them as a precaution and others for specific ailments. The last of them took place in December 2019, when he returned from Norfolk, where he was spending the Christmas holidays, to London to enter the same medical center where he is now. A few days later he was discharged. More spectacular was the accident he had suffered in January 2019, when he was unharmed from a mishap while driving a Range Rover in which his car overturned , and for which he ended up renouncing his driving license.

In April 2018 and in the The same hospital, Jorge VII, Felipe was operated on for a hip problem , for which a replacement was placed. Almost a year earlier, in June 2017, he had been forced to go through it for a couple of days due to an infection . In 2012 he was not present at all the Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II due to a bladder infection that forced him to be hospitalized for five days, while in 2011 he was forced to spend the Christmas holidays in the hospital to undergo an operation in which a blocked artery was cleared.

The duke retired two years ago from public life and the occasions on which he is seen are few.

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