Concern “AvtoVAZ” for the fifth time in a year increases prices for Lada

Concern “AvtoVAZ” for the fifth time in a year increases prices for Lada

The AvtoVAZ concern has been raising prices for Lada family cars for the fifth time this year. Dealers suggest that the price lists are being revised due to the increased demand for the domestic brand.


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The increase in the cost of Lada models is expected from October 1, on average, the price will increase by 2-3%. For Lada Granta Sedan in the basic version, you will need to pay 483,900 rubles, the current price of the model is 470,900 rubles. Model Vesta Sedan from 653 900 rubles. will rise in price to 667,900 rubles. This is followed by Xray, the cost of this car will increase to 653,900 rubles. The Largus station wagon at the new price will be sold for 645,900 rubles, the compact SUV Lada 4 x 4 will cost 581,900 thousand rubles. The cost of the Lada Niva model has also changed, from 726,000 rubles. SUV has risen in price to 738,000 rubles.

During the current year, the management of the domestic manufacturer increased the cost of cars four times; in 2019, the price of cars increased three times. According to statistics, the most popular car of the Lada family is currently Granta, in August dealers sold 10 693 cars of this model.

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