Composed of top 10 most fastest Android smartphones

Ten of the fastest smartphones that are on the “OSes” Android managed to call the experts. They experienced gadgets in the benchmark AnTuTu.

Составлен топ-10 самых быстрых Android-смартфонов

On the Internet appeared the test results of popular and in demand among users of flagship smartphones on the Android operating system, which relies on a single-chip platform Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 865. So, in the event the experts make use of several devices, including such modifications as iQOO 3 Neo, OnePLus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi10 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and beyond.

Testing of devices was carried out on the famous benchmark AnTuTu, which ran them for three times in a row. During the experiment, the experts took into account both the results of the event, the power consumption of the battery and the temperature of the body. Based on the obtained information was compiled list of the fastest smartphones that are on the “OSes” Android. The first position is located iQOO Neo 3, next is Redmi K30 Pro, and closes the top three mobile device Red Magic 5G. One of the most popular modifications on the planet OnePlus 8 Pro is only on seventh place, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra placed on the last tier list.

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