"Completely burned out": beIN commentators drunk in the middle of the game? Internet users are convinced

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"Completely torched": beIN commentators drunk in the middle of a match? Internet users are convinced of it

Were these beIN commentators of a Champions League match drunk? Internet users are convinced of this While beIN SPORTS broadcast the Champions League match between FC Seville and Manchester City on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, it was not Erling Haaland's goals that caught the attention of viewers, but the performance by Christophe Josse and Daniel Bravo, the two commentators. The reason ? According to Internet users on Twitter, they would have been “drunk”, “drunk” or even “fated from home”.

This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the Champions League made its big comeback on all fields in Europe to the delight of all football fans. Well almost. Where MyCanal subscribers were unable to attend the match between PSG and Juventus Turin (2-1), those of beIN SPORTS who had chosen to follow the match between FC Seville and Manchester City (0-4 ) have for their part witnessed an astonishing spectacle… in the commentary booth.

Drunken commentators on beIN SPORTS?

While the famous duo of the channel composed of Christophe Josse and Daniel Bravo was present to host the meeting, their various interventions during the game surprised more than one viewer. In question ? As we can discover on social networks, the commentators are particularly criticized for too many words/names torn, but also an attitude sometimes removed, sometimes laconic.

Also, it didn't take long to see the first theories popping up on Twitter, including the main one: they didn't just drink water before going on air. “Josse and Bravo to #SEVMCI comments are drunk. Too blatant how they are farted guys” can we read on the site, just like, “But Daniel bravo and Josse are drunk or what? Catastrophic comments” or “It's surreal. I'm watching the Seville City replay. Bravo and Josse commented on the match completely blown, it's extraordinary“, while other Internet users made fun of the situation by renaming the channel Bibine Sports.

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A return to the set that questions

Recurring criticism throughout the evening, which finally took on greater importance when Christophe Josse intervened on the set of Champions Show after the meeting. And for good reason, the live behavior of the commentator was again considered disconcerting between his laughter out of step or his inaudible remarks.

For the time being, neither the commentators nor the channel have reacted to these various remarks. However, if the summary of the match was available on YouTube this morning, the video mysteriously disappeared from the beIN SPORTS channel this afternoon (it is the only one in this case), even though many comments under it again pointed the finger at the attitude of the duo. Coincidence? To be continued…

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