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Complaints against telecommunications groups have decreased ;

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Disclosure and billing issues were the biggest problems across services and platforms, the CRTC report said.

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Complaints from Canadian consumers of telecommunications or television services decreased by 26% between August 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022, compared to the same period a year earlier, a new report from the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS) revealed on Monday.

The agency, which was created to process and resolve complaints related to these services, said it received 6,682 new complaints during the reporting period. Disclosure and billing issues were the biggest issues across services and platforms, the report said. The CCTS counted 2,070 disclosure complaints filed over the six months, in which a contract conflicting with the agreement was the most commonly cited issue.

We continue to see issues caused by service providers not disclosing important information to their customers when they sign up for a new phone service, Internet or television, said CCTS Commissioner and Executive Director Howard Maker in a press release.

The second highest number of complaints related to billing, with 2,061 complaints about incorrect charges, according to the report.

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Wireless users raised the most issues, followed by Internet, TV and landline customers. Nearly half of the complaints came from wireless users.

These wireless complaints resulted in 7,683 issues and 24 confirmed violations of the industry's code of conduct. The most common violation of the Wireless Code of Conduct involved service providers failing to provide the required notice to customers before disconnecting them, or that the notice in question did not contain all relevant information.

Bell recorded the highest number of customer complaints at 1,182, which represented 17.7% of the total. The number of reported issues targeting the telecom giant, however, fell by 36.1%. Complaints against Rogers were down 16.5% to 1,003, while Telus complaints were down nearly 17% to 535. Fido, a Rogers brand, received 753 complaints, while Virgin Mobile and Virgin Plus, from Bell, received 511. Koodo, owned by Telus, was the subject of 383 complaints. Shaw Communications received 327 complaints, while Freedom Mobile, which it owns, received 434.

The report covered 422 service providers and brands, including 14 who were there for the first time.

Nearly 9 out of 10 complaints were resolved, generally within 30 days, the CCTS said.

If a customer complains to us that there is a problem with their invoice, for example, and we fix it. “We look at it and determine that he's right, we make sure the problem is resolved,” Maker said in an interview.

The CCTS did not receive any complaints regarding 270 of the participating service providers.

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