Compiled the TOP 5 of the cheapest crossovers on the market of Russia in April 2020

Experts in the study made the TOP 5 of the cheapest crossovers on the market of Russia. The corresponding rating current as of April 2020.

Составлен ТОП-5 самых дешевых кроссоверов на рынке России в апреле 2020 года

In the first position of the list is LADA 4×4, the leadership model holds already for an extended period of time. The most affordable package will cost 560 thousand rubles. For this price, the driver will be the engine of 1.7 liters, generating 83 HP, manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Second place for Lifan X50, the representative SUV segment in the basic version is available for 690 thousand rubles. An engine of 1.5 liter can give out 103 BHP at 133 Nm of torque. Chevrolet Niva closes the top three with a price tag of 692 thousand rubles. Under the hood is an atmospheric engine capacity of 1.7 liters, whose capacity is up to 79 BHP Transmission presents five-speed “mechanics”.

Fourth place in the ranking of the Carsweek for Chery Tiggo 3. Car available at the price from 750 thousand rubles, offering a 1.6-liter engine, generating 126 PS at 160 Nm of torque. Last in the Top Renault Duster for 750 thousand rubles. Motor 1.6 liter produces 116 HP, – wheel drive crossover front, transmission presents pyatidiapazonnogo manual transmission.

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