Compiled the top 5 budget “unkillable” crossovers on the secondary market of the Russian Federation

Cheap premium crossovers have gained great popularity in Russia in the secondary market. Among them is the five “immortal” machines costing up to 500 thousand rubles.

Составлен топ-5 бюджетных «неубиваемых» кроссоверов на вторичном рынке РФ

In the first place in the list of the best maintained budget crossovers price to half a million rubles is a Bavarian BMW X3. This car attracts a quality that can serve the owner for quite a intermediate period of time. “German” is moved by both gasoline and diesel engines.

The second position is the Volvo XC90, which entered the market in 2002-2005. The developers have equipped the CD 2,4 – and 2,5-litre engines on both petrol and diesel. Experts advise to buy on the secondary market of Russia gasoline modification because of its good quality. Rounded out the top 3 Infiniti FX S50 in the body. On the “secondary market” in most cases, you can meet a version with a 3.5-liter unit.

Fourth place at the Mercedes-Benz M with a 2.7-liter engine and petrol engines 4.3, 3.2 and 2.3 liters. On the last step of ranking the British crossover Land Rover Freelander with a 3.2-liter petrol unit and a 2.2-liter “diesel”, reports

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