Company accused of bribing the mayor of Anguía won works for S/11 million in the Castillo government

Company accused of bribing the mayor of Anguía won works for S/11 million in the Castillo government

Contracts ● Irza Ingenieros was awarded housing projects and by Emergency Decree 102-2021 ● The company joined a consortium that gave S/800,000 to detainee José Medina , according to Hugo Espino's confession.

  • Pedro Castillo's environment shared positions in the Ministry of Housing, according to Alvarado's adviser
  • Zamir Villaverde claims not to know any congressman from the group “Los Niños”, says his lawyer

Company accused of bribing the mayor of Anguía won works for S/11 million in the Castillo government

In image, the mayor of Anguía, José Medina; the general manager of Irza Ingenieros S.R.L., Edisson Zavaleta; the general manager of Corporación DWAR S.A.C., Walter Algip; and businessman Hugo Espino. Composition: GEC

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In his statement to the prosecutor's office on August 14, the businessman Hugo Espino answered about the S/10,000 he allocated to the presidential campaign ofPedro Castillo, but did not officially report to the electoral authorities. The money, according to his confession, came from a S/800,000 bribe that the 5 Localities Consortium gave to the now detained mayor of Anguía, José Medina, one of 'Los Chiclayanos', the group close to the president.

This newspaper confirmed that Irza Ingenieros S.R.L., one of the companies that formed the consortium, obtained contracts for more than S/11 million in total with the Ministry of Housing and with the municipality of Colasay (Cajamarca), through the now questioned Decree of Urgency 102-2021, approved in October of last year.

—The sincere confession—

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">In his testimony to the prosecution as part of his sincere confession for the investigation of a criminal network in the housing sector, Espino stated: “[José Medina] I consulted him about the work in the five towns, since I knew that he was looking to rent a company to carry out that work, asking him how much the contractors who were going to carry out that work, whose name I found out, had given him. later and I know that it is called the 5 Localities Consortium, which is made up of the Dwar companies and another company that I do not remember, to which he replied that they had given him S/800,000″, it is read in the tax record to which The Merchant agreed.

Company accused of bribing the mayor of Anguía won works for S/11 million in the Castillo government

Testimony of Hugo Espino before the prosecution.

The company, whose name Espino could not remember, was Irza Ingenieros, which in 2020 formed the Anguía 5 Localities Consortium together with Corporación Dwar S.A.C. Irza Ingenieros, formed by the Edisson brothers and Alex Zavaleta Cadenillas in Cajamarca, had a 90% stake in the association.

During the first months of the Castillo government, Irza Ingenieros was awarded projects in the National Urban Sanitation Program and the National Rural Sanitation Program, attached to the Ministry of Housing. At this stage, the sector was directed by Geiner Alvarado, one of the senior officials who signed Emergency Decree 102-2021, a rule that made it possible to finance another work granted to Irza.

—The starting point—

In November 2020, the Anguía municipality awarded a sanitation project to the Anguía 5 Localities Consortium. The contract, for S/5,927,754, was signed in December of that year.

Mayor Medina received S/800,000 from the contractor, according to Espino, who received a percentage of that amount for preparing the technical report on the work in question.

“He told me: 'How much do you want?' I replied: 'Nenil, I have prepared that file for five locations and that minimum does not lower you from S/150,000', so he replied that it is too much and that what he can give me is S/100,000 […] with the condition that it continues to support it”, the businessman indicated, according to the tax record.

Later, that money, delivered in bundles of S/10,000, was used by Espino as a contribution to Castillo's campaign, at the request of the mayor of Anguía.

“I want to specify that I allocated approximately S/10,000 to finance the expenses of the presidential campaign of José Pedro Castillo Terrones, buying flyers, posters, paying the vans that advertised, a person who drove the van and I paid him weekly S/800 for approximately three weeks”, he declared.

–Adjudications in the current government–

Between October and December 2021, already during the Castillo government, Irza Ingenieros obtained three contracts that were awarded or made feasible by Housing.

The first , for S/4,460,814, won it in a consortium on October 28. The work consisted of the installation of drinking water and sanitation systems in the town of Ajachín, in the district of Manseriche (Loreto). It was awarded by the National Rural Sanitation Program. For the first time, the company won a project with this entity.

The second project was obtained at the beginning of November in a consortium with Huayra Contratistas S.A.C., made up of Chotano businessmen. The contract, for S/2'751,798, was to carry out a sanitation work in the district of Catacaos (Piura). However, this was resolved last January due to “breach of contractual obligations”, according to a notarial letter sent to the consortium.

The last work, awarded in December 2021, was given through the D.U. 102. This is a sanitation project in the villages of La Palma and Colapón, in the district of Colasay (Jaén, Cajamarca), for S/4′129,204.

On October 20, days before the D.U. 102, through which the work was financed, the mayor of Colasay, Hermis Ugaz, visited Salatiel Marrufo, then Alvarado's adviser, for about half an hour.

The consortia

Irza Ingenieros S.R.L. was established in 2014 in Cajamarca by the Edisson brothers and Alex Zavaleta Cadenillas. He had the highest participation percentage in the consortiums he joined to win the projects described in this report.

Dwar Corporation S.A.C. Its manager is Walter Agip Alarcón, from Chota. The businessman's father is the mayor of Tacabamba, Walter Agip Flores. Both visited the Government Palace on October 22. They were received by Irma Rojas, who works in the office of Lilia Paredes, according to the official record.

Disclaimers: Irza rejects irregularities

In communication with El Comercio,The general manager of Irza Ingenieros S.R.L., Edisson Zavaleta, confirmed having been part of the Cinco Localidades Anguía consortium, but said he was not aware of the alleged bribery of Mayor José Medina.

“I only gave the company for the experience and increased capacity. About the rest, I don't know anything […] I have my documents legalized”, he stated.

In addition, he denied that there had been irregularities in the awards it won with the Executive.

“I compete for all the works and many times I have lost. […] I have no relationship with anyone. I don't know the mayor of Anguía or Castillo. I have never had a meeting with them in my life”, Zavaleta remarked.

This newspaper tried to communicate with Corporación DWAR S.A.C., but got no response.