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Common Front strike: fears for apprenticeships | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Until now, most public schools in the region have been closed for three and a half days during the Common Front strikes. (Archive photo)


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Public primary, secondary and college schools in Quebec will be closed from December 8 to 14 due to the new strike days announced by the Common Front, which worries the general director of the Center de services scolaire de la Riveraine, Pascal Blondin.

It's clear that each day lost is one day less in terms of learning for our students and particularly for our students. more vulnerable, he maintains.

Pascal Blondin emphasizes that the pandemic has already left its after-effects. We note certain delays […], more on the side of our most vulnerable students.

Each day of strike will make it more difficult to catch up #x27;we must do with these students, he adds.

Strikes in the sector public in Quebec

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Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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For the moment, the Riveraine School Service Center, which brings together schools in Centre-du-Québec, does not yet know what repercussions the strike days will have on the school calendar. The director general affirms that it is the Quebec Ministry of Education which will make the decision whether or not to add school days.

We want the best for our staff members and for our students too, so we want this to be resolved as quickly as possible, concludes Pascal Blondin.

The board of directors of Cégep de Shawinigan meets Wednesday evening to discuss options in the event of a second Common Front strike. Colleges are required by law to provide 82 days of classes per session. However, there is no more room for maneuver due to the three days of strike by the Common Front last week.

Several scenarios are on the table. Among these: resuming these days between Christmas and New Year's Day, postponing them to the beginning of January or requesting ministerial authorization from the Minister of Higher Education in order to reduce the number of compulsory days and days. avoid repeating these days.

This is the option that will be chosen at the Cégep de Shawinigan. General Director Éric Milette does not believe that it would be beneficial for students to have to return to classes during the holidays or at the beginning of January. The announcement will be made to students Thursday morning. The establishment thus wishes to reduce their stress linked to uncertainty.

According to our information, the Cégep de Trois-Rivières would opt for the same option.< /p>

However, the last word will belong to the Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry, who must analyze and approve each request.

According to interviews carried out on the show Facile le matin and information from Raphaël Brouillette

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